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why were native americans not used as slaves?
familiar with land, family ties (huge support system), communicate with eachother, no farming skills, died from European diseases, could use resources arund them with which they were familiar
why were africans slave of choice
did not all speak same language, color set them apart if they escaped, no support system, no familiarity, skilled farmers
first place in world to abolish slavery
first place in new world to abolish slavery
who led slave revolt in hades that led to emancipation
last country in world to abolish slavery
last place in new wordl to abolish slavery
where wre most africans taken to as slaves
leaving liverpool's port what would the ship carry to trade
gunpowder, funs, whiskey, gllass beads, and rum
where were slaves mostly taken from
west coast of africa- guinea, liberia, sierra leone
wat was the first port built and who by
El Mina- by Portuguese- first to become involved in slave trade
slavery in africa before 1550
slaves were taken as from of tribute, not violent, had rights, part of the family, could b e freed, not extinction of human's rights, mingled with slaveowners family
slavery after 1550
long distantwars, violent, purpose of wars is to get slaves, definition of who will become slave expands, dehumanizes,
height of slave trade