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The DRMD is critical to deployment execution planning because it
consolidates all deployment taskings for a contingency.
Which of the following information is not available via the Meteorological Technical Information Program?
Specific regime forecasting checklists for every weather unit in the CONUS.
The Air Force power that's function includes jamming radars and corrupting data acquisition, transformation, storage, or transmissions of an adversary's information; psychological operations; deception; and physical or cyber attack is
offensive counterinformation.
What software developed by the Air Force Weather Agency (AFWA) outputs weather regime information on weather patterns all over the world?
Meteorological Technical Information Program.
What two steps are followed to document your synoptic analysis on a forecast worksheet?
Identification and interrogation.
On meteograms, cirrus clouds above 24,000 feet can be forecast using dewpoint depressions of less than
Heating degree-days are the mathematical difference between 65°F and the
average daily temperature.
Which pressure centers are the major climatic controls affecting climate?
Semipermanent pressure centers.
In the cyberspace dimension of describing the battlespace, the parameter susceptible to jamming, physical destruction, and intrusion is computer
In the notional air tasking cycle, joint commanders can best avoid accidental casualties and target duplication by
synchronizing and sequencing targets.
A severe blizzard contains winds
$50 knots and temperatures $ 10°F.
The type and intensity of precipitation observed at the surface is related to the thickness of the cloud aloft, and particularly to the
temperatures in the upper part of the cloud.
Combat search and rescue
preserves critical combat resources and denies the enemy potential sources of intelligence.
As a general rule the effects of turbulence for a fixed-wing aircraft are increased with decreased
weight of the aircraft
Warm advection in the lower levels during snow-producing situations
can suggest increased snow potential.
Which of the following is a synoptic system?
Warm front.
The average or collective state of the earth's atmosphere at any given location or area within
In forecasting frontal winds, the deepening or filling of a frontal trough
increases or decreases the winds.
Tests have shown that after the aircraft vortices are formed aloft, they sink at 500 ft per minute and stabilize about how far below the flight path?
900 ft.
Hail size is dependent on the
strength of the updraft and the length of fall from the freezing level.
During the weaponeering/allocation phase of the notional air tasking cycle, component commanders must prepare
ALLOREQs to identify the number of sorties to be flown during the air tasking day.
What tropical ocean areas are entirely free from tropical cyclones?
South Atlantic and the eastern South Pacific Oceans.
The flights that an OWS is typically organized into are the operations and production,
systems support, and training and technical services.
What organization provides weather, hydrologic, and climate forecasts and warnings for the United States, it territories, adjacent waters and ocean areas, for the protection of life and property, and the enhancement of the national economy?
Which Total Force partner performs weather reconnaissance for the National Hurricane Center?
Air Force Reserve Command.
What is the range in scale of the products that an OWS creates?
Operational to tactical levels.
Where the thermal currents are the greater factor causing cloud development, the bases of cumulus generally occur near the
convective condensation level.
If the temperature through a vertical column is warmer than standard, then the air density is
less than standard and a pilot must fly higher to reach a given indicated altitude.
Which of the following statements best describes the second verification in the VIV process?
Compare the 12-hr forecast positions with analysis of real-time data for the same time, such as METSAT analysis.
Which term describes the ratio of the mass of water vapor to the mass of dry air?
Mixing ratio.
What agency administers the operations of GOES and NOAA weather satellites?
National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service.
What region of Africa averages the most rainfall annually?
Equatorial region.
The overall effectiveness of AFW must be based on the
successful and effective accomplishment of specific military operations.
What climatological product is produced to provide professional engineers with useful information in the design and maintenance of buildings?
Turbulence should not be anticipated in areas of
inflow in a digging jet.
The difference between the thermal energy of the target and that of the background is referred to as
thermal contrast.
Regarding US military forces, the changing of one area of interest to another is most likely influenced by
political climate.
Before addressing the scope of services that a weather support document must contain, what must a weather commander first identify?
The concept of operations and customers' recurring needs.
Which type of analysis covers an area of sufficient size to identify systems affecting a forecaster's area of operation?
Synoptic scale analysis.
The statement "campaigns and major operations are planned, conducted, and sustained to accomplish strategic goals within the theater of operations" best describes the
operational level.
In forecasting the severity of thunderstorms, what level(s) should you forecast for?
Surface only
Regarding the influence of latitude on air circulation, the air at low latitudes
expands vertically and usually moves poleward, and the air at high latitudes shrinks vertically and usually moves toward the equator.
The most intense convective elements during the developmental stage of an Mesoscale Convective Complex occur along the
convergence zone produced by the interaction of the outflow boundary and the low-level inflow.
What kind of dew-point temperature difference should exist across a dryline?
> 10F degrees
Which study of climatology may (or may not) be climatically representative of a general region?
How is D-value calculated?
D=true altitude minus standard altitude.
What strategic center provides anomaly assessments for radar and communications systems at all levels of security classification?
Space Weather Operations Center.
When supercooled water drops vary in size and are mixed with snow or ice particles, what type of icing may form on inflight aircraft?
Determine which item is a measure of the ability of a moisture source to exchange water molecules with the surrounding air.
Vapor pressure.
What is the most common severe weather phenomenon associated with the Type E, major cyclone pattern?
In which situation would you not expect stratus clouds to form?
Onshore winds in an area of anticyclonically curved contours.
In documenting a forecast review, the purpose of providing a synoptic description is to
provide an introduction and rough guide to the synoptic classification.
Density altitude is the
altitude at which a given density is found in the standard atmosphere.
The semipermanent lows are often a reflection of
a series of migratory lows moving through a given region on monthly mean charts
The equivalent chill factor depends on the
temperature and wind
Which process is the most important atmospheric factor necessary for clouds to form?
Sufficient moisture.
The usual way to forecast frontal winds is by
the extrapolation method.
What product can show the presence of turbulence and is not a forecast product?
Pilot report.
Which climatic element becomes especially important in desert areas?
How would an aircraft be affected during landing if it were flying from a headwind over the outer marker to a tailwind over the runway?
The indicated airspeed decreases, and the aircraft drops below the glideslope.
What are the two fastest ocean currents in the Northern Hemisphere?
Kuroshio System and the Gulf Stream.
A mistral wind is
a forced-circulation wind.
The quickest way for commanders to coordinate and review draft changes for a WSD is to
establish coordination visits with each agency.
Which are the only agencies authorized to issue warnings on tropical cyclones?
Tropical Prediction Center and the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.
Which air and space power function involves those operations conducted to attain and maintain a desired degree of superiority over surface operations by the destruction or neutralization of enemy surface forces?
What affect does the amplitude of a long wave trough or ridge have on surface systems?
A large amplitude long wave trough would cause a low located ahead of it to deepen due to the strong divergence.
The Army's largest major command is
US Army Force Command.
Joint operations planning is primarily the responsibility of the
CJCS and combatant commanders
What is the underlying purpose of having audio-visual aids in a forecast seminar presentation?
To help relay your message.
In what tornado-producing air structure do tornadoes most frequently occur in families, with paths that are commonly long and wide compared to tornadoes occurring in the other types of air masses?
Type I, Great Plains type.
The most commonly used climatological parameter is the
When enlisted members deploy, what are the grade and deployment length requirements for deploying with their Air Force Form 623, On-the-Job Training Record?
E-1 through E-6; 30 days or more.
The term that defines a change in matter from a liquid to a solid is
A heat wave over the midwestern and eastern part of the United States develops when a
long-wave trough stagnates over the Rockies and a long-wave ridge lays over the East Coast.
In general, what is the lowest organization level within the Amy to have a combat weather team deploy with it?
For what category of aircraft are you specifying turbulence for in a terminal aerodrome forecast?
Name the USN meteorological unit that collects, interprets, and applies global data and information for safety at sea, strategic and tactical warfare, and weapons system design, development and deployment.
Which meteorological situation is most favorable for the formation of radiation fog?
A clear, cool night with light breezes in a stationary high-pressure area.
A clear, cool night with light breezes in a stationary high-pressure area.
West coast region.
Which condition increases the probability of fog formation?
Adverting a warm, moist air mass over a cold surface.
How would an aircraft be affected during the penetration of a frontal boundary if it encounters a headwind after flying from a tailwind?
The indicated airspeed increases and the aircraft rises above the glideslope
Under which phase of the JOPES is an OPLAN created?
Deliberate planning.
How can an aircrew avoid the effects of wake turbulence?
Land beyond the touchdown point of a leading aircraft, lift off ahead the liftoff point of a leading aircraft, and fly above leading aircraft.
The best way to evaluate the feasibility of joint METOC concepts that support the overall mission at all levels is by
conducting realistic joint training exercises.
A chronological list of weather events and their potential causes would best define what?
Event scenario.
What changes of state absorb heat from the surrounding environment?
Vaporization, fusion, and sublimation.
What is the main difference in the occurrence of convective or cumuliform clouds versus stratus clouds?
Atmospheric stability.
What is the most important section of the documented forecast review?
Lessons learned.
The Gulf Stream System is made up of the
Florida Current, the Gulf Stream. and the North Atlantic Current.
What air masses separate a dryline?
mT and cT.
The US Navy conducts hydrographic surveys to ensure the safe navigation of all United States' ships outside our national territorial waters. For processing and printing of nautical charts, the data is provided to the
National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA).
When making equipment and cargo preparations the best method to plan the shipment is by using a sequence that is
Military strategists evaluate enemy actions, enemy capabilities, and positioning of forces during
employment planning.
What is the threshold value for strong non-convective winds?
> 34 knots
Verify which measure of humidity is the same as mixing ratio.
Absolute humidity.
Evaluating and exploiting new tactics and techniques to enhance the effectiveness of combat operations is a mission of
Air Force Combat Weather Center.
Because the Marine Corps war fighting doctrine stresses expeditionary operations and is heavily maneuver warfare oriented, GCE requires
weather and oceanographic support that can be used for briefings and decision aids
When weather impacts that affect military operations are identified, the term marginal conditions implies
some degradation on operations.
Which action is associated with the gust front?
forward flank downdraft.
A temperature of 20°C is equal to
Where does precipitation concentrate within a mature tropical cyclone?
In the inner core of the spiral bands.
When analyzing ocean subsurfaces in the maritime dimension water depth is important because
deep water is less effective than shallow water when employing of mines.
A type of destructive summertime mesoscale system associated with NWF outbreaks is known as a
What mountain chain separates France from Spain and how is it oriented?
Pyrenees; oriented east to west.
What is the purpose of a forecast review if the causes of the weather are imperfectly known?
To help build a database that can be used to improve the knowledge and understanding of the event.
In terms of space, commanders view the battlefield as two distinct areas, they are the
area of operations and area of interest.
Which of the following products are considered standard for detecting the longwave pattern?
Satellite water vapor analysis, 5-wave analysis chart, and 500 MB hemispheric charts.
Which of the following statements best describes the first verification in the VIV process?
Compare the previous 12-hour forecast positions with the current 00-hour forecast positions for the same time.
In the United States, with a surface temperature of 29°F, what type of precipitation is expected?
Freezing rain, ice pellets, or mixed.
An area has a stationary air mass over its coastline and the land surface is warmer than the sea surface because of radiational heating. In what direction do local winds blow?
From water to land during the day and from land to water at night.
What affect does the zonal index have on the speed and movement of synoptic systems?
A low zonal index would cause systems to slow down and move from the north to south.
What often determines the name of a synoptic weather regime?
Development region and system type.
Assuming favorable temperature and dew-point conditions, in which meteorological situation would you forecast a low stratus type of cloud layer instead of fog?
The wind velocity is between 8 and 12 knots over rough terrain.
What are the two types of frequency distributions?
Continuous and discrete.
Which statement reflects the relationship between open land and forests on wind speed at the same latitude?
Open land wind speeds are higher
When the JFC and component commanders develop campaign plans, the core documents referenced are
What do you need to compute pressure altitude?
Field elevation and altimeter setting.
Cloud droplets grow after their initial growth by the
solute and curvature effects; occurring between other droplets.
What temperature is used as a constant in the equation for computing cooling degree-days?
The Army's primary mission is to
organize, train, and equip forces to conduct prompt and sustained land combat operations.
What is the process by which the outer edge of the cloud mixes with air outside of the cloud, leading to dissipation?
Dry-air entrainment.
Which of the following is not an example of a regime specific forecasting approach?
Performing standard isobaric analysis of surface charts as outlined by routine station procedures.
A synoptic or mesoscale weather pattern, which affects the weather at a particular location defines
a weather regime.
Which of the following Army divisions is not designed to operate effectively in jungles, dense forests, or mountains?
Heavy (armor or mechanized).
This US weather region is dominated by a cold high in the midwinter that prevents storm systems from moving into it is the
West central intermountain area.
Which of the following was an objective for creation of the OWS?
Optimizing personnel.
When identifying the feasibility of military operations unfavorable conditions imply
serious degradation on operations and are color coded red.
Thunderstorms that appear to move to the right of the mid-level winds are called
discrete propagation.
The best method to present weather information to unit personnel is in a forecast
The Atlantic Ocean modifies weather along the east coast of Canada by keeping the east coast
summers cooler and winters warmer than inland regions.
When providing weather support for military operations it's important to understand that
your knowledge of the operation affects your focus on weather parameters.
What two general topographical features have the greatest affect on the climate of an area?
Altitude and mountain barriers.
Rome, Italy and New York City are at approximately the same latitude, yet Rome has a much milder winter climate. What factor is most responsible for this?
East-west orientation of the Alps.
How is synoptic regime information categorized?
Geographical region, long wave pattern, and surface features.
There are two well-defined northwest flow frequency axes. Which statement describes one of them?
It extends from eastern North Dakota to southwestern Pennsylvania
Prior to deployment, who has the overall responsibility of ensuring that AOR-specific weather data is prepared?
What organization serves as the primary backup source of weather data if the AFW data system is unavailable to supply weather information?
Coastal areas take on the temperature characteristics of the land or water
to their windward side.
The current that warms the temperature of southern Alaska in winter and the current that cools the west coast of the United States in the spring and summer are branches of the
Aleutian Current.
In the fall, upwelling along the California coast gives way to a countercurrent that flows northward along the coast to about 48° latitude. What is the name of that countercurrent?
Davidson Current.
The conditions necessary for the development of tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and their associated destructive phenomena are a conditionally
unstable atmosphere, large quantities of moisture, strong mid-level winds, surface-based lifting mechanism, and a favorable WBZ.
In the CONUS, what months of the year are the best for severe thunderstorm activity?
March through September.
Periodic reviews for weather support documents are required
annually or when any changes occur.
The first step in evaluating the human characteristics of the cyberspace dimensions involves assessment of
the populace as a whole, military rank and file, and senior military and civilian leaders.
In step 3 of intelligence preparation of the battlespace, analysts evaluate the capabilities that adversaries may have as
broad COAs.
How will the event scenario be used in the process of independently verifying the data?
To investigate each potential cause to a weather episode and determine its contribution.
What is the effect of large human settlements on temperatures?
Daily maximum and minimum temperatures are higher.
When analyzing the maritime dimension of the battlespace, which of the following littoral characteristics offers an advantage to land-based defensive forces?
Terrain ridgelines that run parallel to the coastline.
The principal cause of the surface ocean currents is the
frictional effect of the wind.
When identifying COAs available to the adversary, analysts must ensure that each COA is unique, consistent with doctrine, and meets the criteria of
suitability, feasibility, and acceptability
What is the intensity for inflight icing when deicing/anti-icing equipment fails to reduce or control the hazard and immediate diversion is necessary?
Which tertiary circulation is associated with mountain wave turbulence?
Foehn wind.
The MODCV computer program displays conditional and unconditional probabilities for selected ceiling and visibility thresholds out to
72 hours
In which condition would you expect LLWS?
When the sustained surface wind is 10 knots or greater and the difference between the gradient wind speed and twice the surface wind speed is 20 knots or greater .
Combat weather team members who are taking prescription medications must ensure they deploy with at least a
90-day supply.
Which specialized NCEP center prepares and issues forecasts of solar and geophysical events and is jointly operated by NOAA and the US Air Force?
Space Environment Center.
The combination of cold air aloft and warm surface air can produce a
sharp lapse rate and an unstable atmosphere.
In which condition would you not expect low-level wind shear?
When there is a vector wind difference across a front with a magnitude of 5 to 15 knots per 50nm.
Which of the following would be useful for testing and developing new forecast
Forecast study.
Koppen's climate classification is based mainly on temperature, precipitation amount, and season of maximum precipitation. These elements were selected primarily because of their effect on
plant growth.
Which cloud forecasting tool will be biased towards climatology (average conditions), and may not be as accurate during abnormal conditions?
Model output statistics.
To execute an operation, commanders employ the
Thunderstorm occurrences are an example of
discrete data.
Which part of the forecast worksheet is used to record forecast justification for each weather element in a forecast?
Forecast reasoning.
During the formation of fog, the temperature may
increase a little due to release of the latent heat of condensation.
Weather personnel build and maintain regional weather databases, and provide tailored area and target information to command and control activities at the
operational level.
The most dangerous features of the mountain wave are the turbulence in the cap cloud and the
rotor cloud.
When evaluating the land dimension of the battlespace, what land dimension concept can be used by the adversary as the inverse of observation and fields of fire?
Concealment and cover.
Which US weather region is an area of storm track convergence?
Northeastern area.
The northern extension of the Gulf Stream System is called the
North Atlantic Current
What icing intensity corresponds to freezing drizzle?
How much does the mean surface wind direction in the Northern Hemisphere deviate from the geostrophic direction?
By minus 10° over ocean areas and up to minus 50° over rugged terrain.
This US weather region receives the greatest amount of precipitation.
Northwest Pacific coast area.
How can the process of determining the root causes of a weather episode differ for a review versus a study?
Developing a review requires you to determine the root causes missed in your original reasoning, while a study requires you to present all the causes in your documentation.
Which specialized NCEP center provides warnings of dangerous wind shear and thunderstorms above 24,000 feet?
Aviation Weather Center
A climatic province that is classified as humid mesothermal by Koppen is the
Oceanic Moderate.
The Army' s largest tactical unit and the rank of its commanding general, respectively is
corps; lieutenant general.
Which type of aircraft icing occurs in cumuliform clouds and is hard, glossy, and heavy?
With a quasistationary front in the southern United States under a broad west flow aloft and a weak surface low, the snow rain zone becomes
Elongated in the direction of the upper-level current with precipitation rates stretching over Long periods.
The size, structure, and content of METOC support depends on the
JFC's operational needs.
What affect does the amplitude of a long wave trough or ridge have on surface systems?
A large amplitude long wave ridge would cause a high located ahead of it to build due to the strong convergence.
Because AFW personnel are professionals who provide quality tailored, battlespace weather information to the warfighters they must therefore
possess both technical proficiency and military skills.
Under normal circumstances, the notional air tasking cycle takes place during the period of
30 to 72 hours.
What stage of a non-severe thunderstorm occurs when precipitation is suspended aloft?
What prevailing visibility would you forecast with moderate drizzle?
5/8 miles
What month has the greatest frequency of tornado occurrences in the US?
Moderate precipitation normally affects ground troops ability to traverse (trafficability) so that conditions are
Which reference is an ice protection system that is activated before the aircraft enters the icing condition?
Anti-icing equipment
Dense sea fog may persist even if high winds occur when it is
over very cold water.
Which of the following is false concerning the classification of systems?
Macroscale systems include long-waves, semipermanent cyclones, and anticyclones.
Who is responsible for ensuring that appropriate METOC support is provided to all subordinate joint forces and components for the entire range of military operations?
JFC through the JMO
The extreme highest and lowest values for any given meteorological element recorded at a place of observation is known as the
Type B, frontal.
Type B, frontal.
As a general rule, which of the following climatological products is reviewed prior to issuing any forecast?
Conditional climatology tables.
When developing plans for counterdrug operations, joint planners use
deliberate planning to create a functional plan.
An aircraft is flying 150 nm ahead of a warm front at an altitude where the temperature is 13°C. If the aircraft is flying in unstable clouds, what intensity and type of icing would you expect for the flight?
Light mixed.
Which condition must exist for the development of a cold wave over the United States?
Movement of a low eastward from the Continental Divide.
In an atmosphere with a flat pressure gradient, what factors can be considered as the major indicators of the winds?
Temperature distribution and atmospheric stability.
Weather support for Army aviation brigades is usually conducted from where?
When developing plans for counterdrug operations, joint planners use
deliberate planning to create a functional plan.
An aircraft is flying 150 nm ahead of a warm front at an altitude where the temperature is 13°C. If the aircraft is flying in unstable clouds, what intensity and type of icing would you expect for the flight?
Light mixed.
Which condition must exist for the development of a cold wave over the United States?
Movement of a low eastward from the Continental Divide.
In an atmosphere with a flat pressure gradient, what factors can be considered as the major indicators of the winds?
Temperature distribution and atmospheric stability.
Weather support for Army aviation brigades is usually conducted from where?
What USN unit produces global and regional scale meteorological and oceanographic prediction products for direct operational use by Navy ships and aircraft?
Which of the following is a mesoscale system?
All turbulence not thermally induced or associated with convective activity is classified as
clear-air turbulence.
The highest and lowest value for any given meteorological element that has occurred over a particular period is known as the
Which visibility restriction is the most localized restriction?
The moment when the target and the background are at the same temperature is referred to as
thermal crossover.
With a flat, fast westerly flow aloft, the snow rain zone extends in a narrow
west-to-east belt that undergoes little latitudinal displacement.
A key function in the overall ability of AFW to enhance theater military operations is the
tailored application of forecast products and information to assist the decision-making process of commanders.
A MOA differs from a weather support instruction or plan because the MOA defines how
one weather unit will support a subordinate weather unit.
The principles of METOC doctrine incorporate all facets of
all service branches meteorological, oceanographic, and space environment programs.
Trewartha's climatic classification states that mountainous (highland H) climates are difficult to group climatologically due to the added
vertical dimension, atmospheric conditions change markedly.
The composition of the JMFU staff should be tailored to
support the concept of operations of the joint mission and composition of assigned forces.
What is a forecast seminar?
A presentation developed and performed by weather personnel for the purpose of giving or discussing weather information.
What agency is responsible for planning and providing centralized weather and climatological services to the Joint Chiefs of Staff?
Air Force Weather Agency.
Significant icing occurs in developing and mature thunderstorms, but little icing occurs in the dissipating thunderstorm due to the
large number of downdrafts.
Which specialized NCEP center prepares and issues forecasts of quantitative precipitation, heavy rain, and heavy snow and identifies areas with potential flash flooding?
Hydrometeorological Prediction Center.
Which term defines the change of state from a solid to a gas?
The strongest pressure gradient in relation to a mature tropical cyclone is to the
right of the storm's path.
What is a forecast review?
An after-the-fact review of the observations, analyses, and forecast aids that were available to the forecaster.
An after-the-fact review of the observations, analyses, and forecast aids that were available to the forecaster.
forecast evaluation, failed to follow forecast procedures, outstanding forecast, and a significant weather event.
An unsaturated air parcel is rising at the dry adiabatic lapse rate. The environmental lapse rate is 12°C per 1,000 meters. The atmosphere is
What would the estimated low-level wind speed be from satellite imagery displaying arc-shaped open-cell cumulus clouds?
21 to 30 knots.
After strategists identify adversary capabilities, strategists then summarize by completing a
capability statement.
What sets the air in motion, tending to develop a general pattern of motion all over the earth?
Latitudinal difference in the earth's heating.
The Mesoscale Model 5th version output bulletin contains a forecasted sea-level pressure every
six hours out to 48 hours and takes diurnal effects into consideration.
Instability showers and cumuliform clouds occur in a cold-air mass only where the air is moving in a
cyclonically curved path
What causes abeam of light traveling through air to bend once it hits water?
Speed of light is slower in water.
With a frontal system, the greatest icing occurs when updrafts exist. The only exception is the icing associated with
With a frontal system, the greatest icing occurs when updrafts exist. The only exception is the icing associated with
What size of an area do macroscale systems influence?
1,500 nautical miles.
The two broad areas that a weather flight or detachment conducts functions in are
observing support and weather information/climatology .
The states of matter are gas,
liquid, and solid.
Initial battle damage assessments and retargeting of missed targets normally occurs before subsequent sorties are launched and occurs in the
force execution phase.
Increased temperature and decreased moisture content.
Increased temperature and decreased moisture content.
In operational terms, if two objects are identical in every physical way, except emissivity, the object with the
higher emissivity heats or cools faster than the other.
The primary weather functions required to enhance military operations are
collection, analysis, forecasting, tailored application, dissemination, evaluation, and integration.
Which core planning document, created in the deliberate planning phase of Joint Execution and Planning System, identifies specific forces needed for deployment?
Which of the following AFWA units develops and produces special weather impact information?
Air Force Combat Climatology Center.
Upwelling is the process by which
subsurface water is displaced toward the surface.
Which type of aircraft icing has a rough, milky, opaque appearance and occurs in stratiform clouds?
A 5-skill level, deployment-tasking requirement may be filled by any enlisted weather personnel possessing
at least a 3-skilllevel
India encounters an abundance of precipitation (425 inches or more) annually due to the
southwest monsoon and associated onshore flow.
What is the most effective means of cooling water vapor to condensation?
Adiabatic cooling.
Which WSD is the most difficult to write, but is the easiest to coordinate changes with other supported agencies?
Which tool provides information on frictional effects that may effect local winds?
When the proper altimeter setting is used, the altimeter of an aircraft should read
whatever the station elevation is.
The type of deviation used most often in meteorological studies is the
standard deviation.
Although it is a high latitude, the climatic region of northwestern Europe has a somewhat moderate temperature in winter. This is due to the
effects of the North Atlantic Current.
To be effective as a combat weather team, a weather flight or detachment must be integrated into the
supported warfighter's decision-making processes and routine mission operations.
The effects of laser and infrared equipment are analyzed in the
electromagnetic dimension.
If icing conditions are favorable, an aircraft flying above 12,000 feet in stratiform clouds will encounter
rime icing
Once deployed, a tactical unit works within the
If conditions are favorable, how long is low-level wind shear expected with fronts?
Six hours for a warm front and two hours for a cold front.
In the METOC support force structure, observing the weather, generating analyses products, and creating mission-tailored products is primarily a function of weather personnel assigned at the
Air Force Wing level.
For the development of severe thunderstorms, what is the optimum height above the terrain of the wet-bulb-zero?
8,000 ft
What are the two best clues for locating the North Pacific Current?
Temperature and salinity.
What is an important point to remember when compiling surface chart data for a forecast review or study?
Reanalysis is required to determine the accuracy of the NWS analysis.
Thomthwaite's classification of climates places a great deal of emphasis on the effectiveness of precipitation, which is the relationship between precipitation and
evaporation at a certain place.
The typical hurricane season extends from
June through November.
Weather personnel must coordinate significant forecast deviations from the official forecast with the
Suggested times spent on interrogating different atmospheric scales are
10 percent macroscale, 30 percent synoptic, and 60 percent mesoscale and local.
Which North Atlantic current is similar to the Kuroshio current in its flow and
climatological influence?
Florida Current.
When considering an adversary's tolerance for risk based on past actions, the analysts are examining
The temperature of an area depends on latitude, distribution of incoming and outgoing radiation, nature of the surface (land or water), altitude, and
prevailing winds.
What is the three-part arrangement that most communication follows?
Introduction, body, conclusion.
What is the best way to get over being uncomfortable speaking in front of people?
What is the lowest Army echelon at which firepower, maneuver, intelligence, and support are combined under a single commander and what is the normal rank of that commander,respectively?
Battalion. lieutenant colonel.
The National Weather Service computes temperature and precipitation normals using a period of record of how many years?
Compute the pressure altitude for a station that has a field elevation of +480 ft, temperature of 70°F, runway temperature of 69°F and altimeter setting of 30.05 inches.
+350 ft.
What duration of weather forecasts do Army corps commanders require for the area of operations and area of interest, respectively?
72 hours; 96 hours
Which statement is not a limitation of the modeled output statistic when forecasting temperatures?
Minimum temperature forecasts show a marked cold bias in midwinter synoptic situations with shallow cold air mass near the surface.
Tactically speaking, analyzing mobility corridors is important because they allow
small insurgent units to capitalize on the principles of speed.
The heat index depends on the
temperature and relative humidity.
Object A has a temperature of 49°C, object B has a temperature of 65°C, and object C has a temperature of 88°C. How might thermal energy be transferred between the three objects?
B and C transfer to A.
Which item is not a guidance tool or product for icing?
METSAT imagery.
This analytical process involves analyzing at the largest scale first, then focusing downward to the smallest scale?
Forecast funnel.
Which of the following weather effects has the greatest impact on mustard and nerve agents?
Humidity .
A cold wave in the United States is a net temperature decrease of
20°F or more in 24 hours with the temperature falling below a preset minimum.
Seasonal temperature differences in the middle and high latitudes are caused by the
large seasonal differences in the length of the day and the angle at which the sun's rays reach the earth's surface.
What type of modified air mass is observed over India and Burma during the winter monsoon season ?
Continental polar.
What is the most important climatic element in Africa?
If the boundaries of the Hot Belt are determined by given isotherms, the width of the zone
increases over the continents.
In the Southern Hemisphere, surface ocean circulations are much the same as in the Northern Hemisphere, except that the circulations move
counterclockwise in response to the winds around the subtropical highs.
Assume that an aircraft whose altimeter is set at 29.92 inches is flying along the 820-mb surface. If the standard height of the 820-mb surface is 5,750 ft, the aircraft's indicated altitude is
the same as the standard height.
What is the most efficient method of cloud droplet growth?
Collision and coalescence.
Northwest flow outbreaks usually repeat themselves over several consecutive days with the highest threat of repeat outbreaks occurring during the months of
June and July.