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seborrheic keratrosis
common sharply demarcated light tan to deep brown tumor elevated above adjacent normal epidermis
skin tag
small soft flesh colored papillary or polypoid lesion
skin tag
epidermal cyst
cystic dilatation of follcular infundibulum filled with keratin
common, distinctive epidermal tumor produces elevated, dome shaped nodule with central kartin crater
leaves scar
difficult to distinguish from SSC
adnexal tumors
benign tumor of sweat gland sebaceous, or follicular origin
adnexal tumor
most squamous cell carcinomas of skin arise from
actinic keratoses
cytologic atypia of keratinocytes especiall those near basilar layer
actinic karatosis
develops on sun exposed surface
actinic keratosis
SCC in situ of skin
bowens diease
can affect sun exposed and sun protected sites
bowens disease
SCC in situe
when is a SCC likely to metastasize
if develops de novo on sun protected skin, at mucocutaneous junction, in burn or radiation scar, chronic ulcers
otherwise, usually don't met
most common malignant skin tumor
basal cell carcinoma
most common malignancy i ma
basal cell carcinoma
pearly translucent papule or nodule with surface telangiectasia nad central ulceration
a common firm relatively immobile intradermal nodule
two types of capillary hemangioma
infantile (strawberry) hemangioma
lobular hemangioma (pyogenic granuloma)
most often seen in AIDS pts
kaposi sarcoma
associate with herpesvirus 8
kaposi sarcoma
kaposi sarcoma
proliferation of endothelial cells,
red purple papules
erythrocytes occupy distinctive narrow slits
mycosis fungoides
misleading name for most common primary cutaneous lymphoma
T cell lymphoma