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Establish a Relationship
Intro to pt
Show concern
Ensure privacy
Wash hands
General Appearance Review
Ex. 45 y.o. male
Appears in good health
Calm and cooperative
Well groomed, dressed appropriately. Good eye contact
Review of systems Hair, skin and nails
Have you had any: Skin rashes, excessive itching, change in skin color, mole that changed shape size or colors, any lumps or bumps, ulcers or sores that don't heal, problems w/ easy bruising or bleeding?
ROS Skin con't
Any changes in your hair? Thinning, falling out, pain w/ brushing. Experiencing any excessive sweating. Any previous nail problems or changes? Any questions for me?
Patient comfort and modesty
Are you comfortable? Drape pt appropriately (Tell Her)
Skin What are you checking for?
Color, texture, lesions, moisture, edema, hair distribution. (Anterior, posterior, lateral, between the web spaces, soles of feet, behind the ears)
Skin What are you palpating for?
Temperature, moisture, edema, turgor, tenderness, lumps, bumps, rashes, lesions, scars noted.
Hair Inspection and Palpation
Distribution, quantity, presence of lesions on scalp, extraneous materials (scales, infestations)
dry, oily, moist, flaking, bugs texture(balding, receding, thinning
Nail inspection
Fingers and toes
Configuration (round,square,bitten), color of bed, integrity, cleanliness, length, lesions, pus, swelling, ingrown. Check web spaces!!
Palpation of nails for?
Integrity, tenderness, adherence (strong, any lift, intact)