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What is the outermost layer of the skin ?
the epidermis
What are the 2 major layers of the epidermis ?
Stratum Corneum
Cellular Stratum
What is the function of the stratum corneum ?
protects and restricts water loss
What is the function of the cellular stratum ?
where keratin cells are synthesized
What does the basement membrane do ?
lies beneath the cellular stratum and connects the epidermis to the dermis
Is the epidermis vascular or avascular ?
-depends on the underlying dermis for nutrition
What kind of cells rae found in the stratum corneum ?
dead squamous cells that contain keratin (form the protective barrier of the skin)
Where are keratin cells formed ?
in the stratum germinativum
What do melanocyctes do ?
They are cells found in the stratum germinativum that synthesize melanin....which gives skin its color.