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A set of wires inside you computer that allow data to be sent back and forth. Most computers have several buses. Buses also have a speed, measured in megahertz, which determines how fast the data can travel.
A measurement of computer information There are eight bits in a byte. This is used to measure a single unit of information.
Cable Modem
Used to connect a computer to the Internet. This type of modem is the fastest, and is much faster than a traditional dial-up modem.
Compact Disc; Blank CD’s that can be written by a CD burner.
Compact Disc Re-Writable; A blank CD that can be written by a CD burner. Unlike a CD-R (Recordable) , a CD-RW can be written to multiple times.
The main microprocessor chip inside a computer that runs the operating system and software. The box that contains the chip with (motherboard, expansion slots and power supply.).
A term used to refer to the Internet where you send, receive and access data via your Internet connection.
A collection of data stored and formatted in a way that makes it easy to retrieve the information.
The files and programs loaded on the computer. The desktop contains pictures, or icons, that show cabinets, files folders and programs.
A compilation of links to Internet sites. These links are gathered and sorted by category. Yahoo and are directory sites.