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Skeletal System
The structure of bones and cartilage of the body
How many bones are in the body?
over 200 bones are in the body.
Support the body and protect the other body systems
-Tough, elastic whitish tissue

-Flexible tissue

-Foung in nose, ears, and joints
-Spongy material inside of bones

-Site of Red Blood Cell production
How many Red Blood Cells are made each second?
-The Bone Marrow produces over 2 million red blood cells each second.
-Place where bones come together
Immovable Joints
-Some joints cannot move

-Example, joints found in the skull
-Tough ropes that hold bones together
-Injury to a ligament when too much pressure is put on a ligament.
What French surgeon used wood and metal to replace lost arms and legs?
- Ambroise Pare
-In the 1500's
Types of Surgery to the skeletal system
-Old joints can be replaced with an artificial steel joint

-Artificial tendons, ligament, and bones are used today

-some parts are temporary and will dissolve inside the body as the body heals
-Serve to work the bones
-Thick bands of connective tissue that connect bones to muscles
Muscle Contraction
-When muscles become shorter
Muscle Relaxation
-When muscles become longer
Contraction and Relaxation of muscles ...
-pull on the bones in a way to make movement possible.
The most important muscle in the body?
-The Heart
The muscles of your arm work in _____ to cause movement.
Muscles make up parts of various other systems:
-Digestive System

-Circulatory System

-Reproductive System
Muscle Cells
-differ depending on the function of the particular muscle
All muscles move by .....
What system controls the muscles of the body?
-Nervous system
How do muscles work in pairs to move bones?
-Wnen one muscle relaxes, the other contracts
-Connects bones to each other