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Name 8 cranial bones that protect the brain.
frontal, occipital, ethmoid, sphenoid and the pairs of parietal and temporal bones
Four groups of Bones
Long, short, flat and irregular
Long bone is composed of a ____ with _____.
shaft (diaphysis); two ends (epiphyses)
Common types of fractures (5)
simple, compound, compression, comminuted and greenstick
The vertebral column is formed from _____ vertebrae, the ______ and the _______.
1. 24
2. sacrum
3. coccyx
How many cervical vertebrae are there?
How many thoracic vertebrae are there?
How many lumbar vertebrae are there?
The bony thorax is formed from the _______ and _____ pair of ______.

12 ribs
How many true ribs are there?

These are ribs that attach to the sternum.
7 pairs
How many false ribs are there?
How many floating ribs are there?
Name the 3 parts of the axial skeleton.
the skull, vertebral column and the bony thorax
Name 5 functions of the Bones
Support, Protection, Movement, Storage and Blood Cell Formation
How many bones in the adult skeleton?
Name the two basic types of bone tissue.
Compact and Spongy
Stages in the healing of a bone fracture. (4)
Hematoma formation, Fibrocartilage callus formation, Bony callus formation and Bone remodeling
Name the 5 layers of epidermis
stratum corneum, lucidum, granulosum, spinosum and basale
Name of layer found in thick skin (palms of hands and bottom of feet)
Stratum Lucidum
Functions of skin
Protection, regulate body temp
Pathelogic Skin Colors
Erythema - Red
Pallor - White
Jaundice - Yellow
Bruises - Black and Blue
Parts of a hair
Hair Follicle
Types of skin cancer
Basal Cell Carcinoma
Squamos Cell Carcinoma
Used to determine extent of body surface burns
Rule of Nines
What do you find in the most superficial part of the epidermis?
Sebaceous Glands or Oil Glands (What do they secrete?)
Sweat Glands or Sudoriferous glands (2 types)
eccrine glands and apocrine glands
Eccrine Glands (What do they secrete?)
Apocrine Glands (What do they secrete?
fatty acids and proteins
Functions of skeletal system
Support, Protection, Movement, Storage and Blood cell formation
Axial Skeleton consists of what?
the skull, vertebral column and bony thorax
another word for shaft
another word for two ends of bone
Name the muscle around the mouth.
orbicularis oris
How many bones are in the face?
All facial bones are paired except which 2?
mandible and vomer
Name the bones in the upper limb (arm)
humerus (upper arm), radius and ulna (lower arm), carpals (wrist), metacarpals (palm) and phalanges (fingers)
Name the bones in the lower limb (leg)
femur, tibia, fibula, tarsals, metatarsals and phalanges
What do joints do?
hold bones together and allow movement of the skeleton
Joints fall into three functional categories, name them...
synarthroses (immovable), amphiarthroses (slightly movable) and diarthroses (freely movable)
Name the eight carpals (wrist)
Scaphoid Trapezoid
Lunate Trapezium
Triquetral Capitate
Pisiform Hamate
What is the site on coxal bone that excepts head of femur?
Medial Malleolus is the end of what bone?
Lateral Malleolus is the end of what bone?
How many tarsal bones are there?
How many metatarsals are there?
How many phalanges form the toes?
Name the muscle in your shoulder.
Name the muscle in the front of your forehead.
Name the muscle around your eye.
Orbiculis Oculi
Name the muscle in your chest.
Pectoralis Major
Name 3 types of muscle.
Skeletal, Cardiac and Smooth
Is skeletal muscle Voluntary or Involuntary?
Is cardiac muscle Voluntary or Involuntory?
Is smooth muscle Involuntary or Voluntary?
Name the muscle in your cheek that helps you whistle.
Name the muscle that helps you smile.
Name the 2 muscles that help close the jaw.
Masseter and Temporalis
Name the muscle on the back of the skull.
Name the muscle in the side of your neck behind your ear.

Moves head from right to left and vice versa.
Name the muscle behind your neck.
Name the muscle they call the six pack.
Rectus Abdominis
Name the 3 layers of abdominal muscles.
External oblique, Internal oblique adn Transversus abdominis
Name the serrated muscle below the Pectoralis Major.
Serratus anterior
Name the muscle in your bicep.
Biceps brachii
Name the muscle in your back.
Latissimus dorsi
Name the muscle on the inside of your thigh.
Name the muscle in your behind.
Gluteus Maximus
Name the muscle above the Gluteus Maximus.
Gluteus Medius
Name the muscles in the Hamstring group. (3)
Biceps femoris, Semitendinosus and Semimembranosus
Name the muscles in the Quadriceps. (3)

Hint: behind your femur bone
Rectus femoris, Vastus lateralis and Vastus medialis
Name the muscle that connects at your hip bone and crosses the back of your leg to your patella.
Name the muscle in the front of your lower leg.

Hint: Next to Tibia Bone
Tibialis anterior
Name the calf muscle.
Name the 3 muscles in your hand.
Thenar (between thumb and palm), Hypothemar (below pinky finger) and Lumbarcalus (fingers)
Name the 2 muscles next to your bicep brachii.
Brachioradialis and brachialis