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jumping in air while moving and have board stick to feet
(pop) shovit
where the board turns 180 long wise and you catch it again
where the board turns 360 degrees around
varial (kick)flip
a combination of both kickflip and pop shovit
tre flip (360 flip)
where the board turns 360 degrees on both long wise and other axes. a 360 degree shovit and a kickflip
heel flip
like a kickflip but flips the other way (kicked out forward with the heel)
varial heel
a shovit that goes behind you with a heel flip thrown in aswell
frontside (180)
where u turn 180 degrees. rotating around your front shoulder.
backside (180)
spin around 180 rotating around your back shoulder
grinding on both trucks
(this can be done backside or frontside
grinding on the back truck
nose grind
grinding on front truck
krooks (krooked grind) (k grind)
grinding on front truck where it is locked in at a 45 degree angle
salad grind
grinding on back truck looked in at a 45 degree angle
nose slide
sliding on nose of board (wooden part u stand on)
tail slide
sliding on tail of board
board slide
sliding on the middle of board, front of board goes over the rail or ledge first
lip slide
sliding on the middle of board, back of board goes over the rail or ledge first
riding with left foot at the back
right foot at back of board
riding in your natural foot position (goofy or regular) but doing tricks off the nose instead of tail
riding in foot position that is not natural i.e. if u sakte goofy then skating regular
skating switch but popping tricks off the nose of the board