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Spain's first New World colony...
How did Spain try to limit the power of the conquistadors?
By appointing viceroys.
Largest owner of land in Spain's colonies?
the Catholic Church
Define encomendero...
a Spanish colonist who controlled the lives of groups of Indians....
What did the Indians get in return for the labor and taxes they supplied to the Spanish?
religious education
Define monopoly.....
complete control over a type of business
Name three things that endangered Spanish treasure ships...
buccaneers, privateers, hurricanes
Which was the legal pirate?
Who gave legal pirates permission to attack the Spanish?
Governments of jealous countries
Name 2 western European countries jealous of Spain's wealth...
Netherlands, France, England
What is an Armada?
A Spanish fleet of ships
Hacienda owners controlled workers through this....
debt peonage
What caused an increase in African slaves in the New World?
development of sugar plantations
Define peninsulars
people who came to the colonies from Spain
The 2 greatest cities in Spain's colonies...
Lima and Mexico City
Where in the New World was Portugal's colony?
Which king decided to divide his colony into captaincies?
King John III
Which country tried to introduce Protestant Christianity in Brazil?
The Netherlands
Which crop was most important to Brazil's economy?
What was it in Rio de Janeiro that caused it to become the capital?
a gold rush
Define fazenda...
a Brazilian estate
Which ocean separates Spain from the New World?
the Atlantic
Why was it difficult for Spain to control its colonies?
This is one of your essay questions.
How did the encomienda system affect Indians?
This is one of your essay questions.