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definition of work
to apple a force to the object while the object moves a distance in the direction of the force.
throwing a basketball from one person to another
pushing on a box, but the box doesn't move
holding a box over your head
walking to class, holding your books
definition of simple machines
they help people do work and they don't need a motor
how do u calulate work
force * distance
what's the unit for work?
definition of power
how fast you do work
what's the unit for power?
definition of Mecanical Advantage
tells you how many times a machine multiplies force
how to calculate mechanical Advantage
by dividing output by input force
the ______ the mechanical advantage the ______ a machine makes your work.
larger, easier
definition of Mechanical Efficiency
a comparison-expressed as a percentage-of a machine's work output with the work in put
how 2 calculate Mechanical efficiency
dividing work output by work input then multiply it by 100
some of the ____ done by a machine is used to ________ ________ created be a machine
work, overcome, friction
definition of inclined plane
a simple machine that is a straight slanted surface: a ramp
definition of lever
a simple machine consisting of a bar that pivots at a fixed point, called a fulcrum; there are three classes of levers, based on where the input force, output force, and fulcrum are placed in relation to the load; first class levers, second class levers, and third class levers
definition of pulley
a simple machine consisting of a grooved wheel that holds a rope or a cable
definition of wedge
a simple machine that is a double inclined plane that moves; a wedge is often used for cutting
definition of wheel and axle
a simple amchine consisting of two circular objects of different sizes
definition of screw
a simple machine that is an inclined plane wrapped in a spiral