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What is site preparation?
treatments applied to slash, understory vegetation, forest floor, and soil to make the site suitable for natural or planted regen
Site prepraration includes the following?
Slash and slash disposal

site development for planting

Intensive cultural practices
What good influence does slash and slash disposal have on sites?
Aids physical properties of the soil
Conserve soil moisture
Help prevent soil erosion
Returns OM to soil after decay
Cover for wildlife
Speeds return of nutrients (inorganic and organic)
What are harmful effects of slash and slash disposal?
Increase on pH
Water absorption reduced
Erosion increases
Nutrient lost
Usually due to HOT fires
Methods of slash and slash disposal?
slash includes broadcast, spot, and piled rows, burning it.
Logging and scattering
Special harvests
What the requirments for site preparation?
Site cleanup and seedbed prep.
removal of competing vegetation
Two ways of prescribed fire for site prep?
Used in 2 ways
Hot fires after harvest and before planting
Systematic use of fire throughout rotation controls vegetation so that little site prep required at time of regeneration
Uses of prescribed fire in site prep?
Seedbed prep
Control of competing vegetation
Improvement of grazing/forage
Fuel reduction
Wildlife management
Disease control
Improve accessibility
What are mechanical methods for site prep?
Machines: bushhop, disk, chopper, tree crusher, trac-mac, shearing, dozers
Method determined by the size of vegetation and purpose
Site factors?
Veg = f(climate, soils, topography, parent material, and time)
Ecological site classification is based on?
Tree Improvement programs?
progeny testing
Potential characteristics that might result in the highest financial gain?
Stem form
branch characteristics
resistance to insects and disease
wood density
fiber length
resin production
What are sources of reproduction?
adv. repro
direct seeding
Two types of planting stock?
containerized seedlings
seedling classification?
One for years in seedling bed
One for years in a transplant bed
based on two numbers 2-1
conciderations of planting?
Season of planting
Site prep
Methods of planting
Survival and early growth
Protection of new plantations
fire, rodents, deer, insects --- questionable to interplant after initial planting
adv. to planting?
Control of composition and genetic makeup
Control over stand density and arrangement
Shorter establishment period
Reduce risk in losing seed trees & other larger material
Avoids danger and risk in using seed
Fewer restrictions on harvesting techniques
Fewer restrictions on methods for site prep
Better access for fire equipment and other operations
disadv. to planting?
High cost of establishment
Danger of planting wrong species or strain for the site
Poor root systems --- did not develop on site
High visual impact
Intensive site prep --- influence on soil properties & site productivity
What are the direct seeding factors?
Site suitability
Species used
Seed characteristics
Dormancy and stratification
Seed repellents
Site prep required --- fire
Sowing rate
Seed viability
Germination rate
Projected survival
what are methods for sowing?
Ground – cyclone seeder
Tractor-mounted broadcast
Helicopter or fixed wing aircraft
Spot & row seeding from the ground
What are adv to direct seeding?
Less costly than seedlings
Less labor and equipment
Large areas can be regenerated faster
Can be done on more adverse sites
Conducted over longer time periods
More flexibility
More natural root system
what are disadv. to direct seeding?
More risk of failure
Less control over spacing and density
Overstocking and understocking
Wasteful use of improved seed
Usually longer rotations
What are coppice systems?
regen originates from root suckers
all trees have same genetic makeup as the parents
Best time to cut coppice systems?
MAI PAI cross
Depends on desired product
Cut when the product MAI peaks