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A site on the dendrite or cell body where a messenger molecule attaches itself
a lock opened by one key, a receptor recieves only one type of neurotrasmitter or neuromodulator
surplus neuron reabsorbed back into the sending neuron to be refired
reabsorbed fired back
drug that mimics the effects of a neurotrans/modulators activating a type of receptor
drug that activates receptor
selective serotonin reuptake(ssri)
chemical that blocks the reutake of the neurotransmitter serotoin
blocks reutake
chemical that blocks the effect of a neurotransmitter
peripheral nervous system(pns)
autonomic nevous system and the skeletal system
two systems
auntonomic nevous system(ans)
controlsthe smooth muscles in the body, some glandular functions, self regulating activites
controls digestion and circulation
skeletal system
nerves attached to voluntary muscles
striped muscles
sympathetic nervous systems
readies and animal to fight or flee part of the (ans)
speeding up heart, relaxing bladder, producing sweat
parasympathetic nervous system
slows things down counteracts sypathetic affects
affects organs one at a time in small groups
three protective layed membranes that cover the brain (meningitis) infection of that membrane
first under the skull protection
cerebral hemisphere
right or left half of the brain
four parts the brain is divided into
corpus callosum
connectes two halves of the brain
cerebral cortex
where most of the brains mental processes take place
"gray matter"