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Which zeros automatically count as significant?
Between two non-zero digits
How many significant digits in 36.00 m?
4 - the final zeros count because they are after the decimal AND after a non-zero digit.
Why bother with significant digits?
Significant digits tell you how well the values used in a calculation were measured.
The more decimal places a measurement is the more ... it is.
The formula for percent error is...
O-A/A * 100
The A in the percent error formula stands for the
accepted value
The O in the percent error formula stands for the ...
observed or measured value
In physics, we hope for less than ... % error in the lab.
13.0050 has how many sig digs?
6 - the zeros between 3 and 5 count because they are between non-zeros. The last zero counts ecause it is after a decimal AND ALSO after a non-zero.
99.01 + 1 = ?

99.01 goes to the hundreths place but 1 only goes to the ones place. Since you are adding, your answer must go to the ones place. Putting a decimal after the second zero makes both zeros count.
Write 1400 as scientific notation.
1.4 x 10^3