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Is ASL universal?
No, just in America.
What are the two schools of thought about ASL
1. It is a poor substitute for English.
2. It is the very basis by which Deaf Culture is defined.
How many Americans are deaf?
It is unclear b/c of lack of research.

It is estimated that are is approx. 1/2 million but it depends on the science of hearing and what qualifies as being deaf.
Deaf (capital D)
No usable hearing w/ no intentions of speaking b/c they are proudly emersed in daf culture.
deaf (little d)
Hard of hearing. Not profoundly deaf. They can benefit from hearing aids or choclear implants. Emersed in the deaf AND hearing cultures.

They can use speech as a primary communication.

May become DDDeaf later in life.
Is ASL offered as a foreign language credit?
At some universities it is.

Some schools do not recognize it as a language.
What happens if a deaf or hard of hearing person is on a sports team?
Results in many coaches, recrutiers, and other staff members needing to take an interest in the language.
What was an ASL sports invention?
At Galadand? University, the huddle was started
Is ASL complete as a language?
NO, it is still evolving.
Signs are adopted b/c of simplicity (there may be 3 or 4 signs for the same word)
What is SEE2?
Signed Exact English
What is Signed Exact English?
4 criteria
Uses English word order
You sign every word
You use prefixes and suffixes
Used almost exclusively by hearing or hard of hearing people.
What is SE?
Signed English
What is SE? 4 Criteria
1) Uses english word order
2) Can Sign and Speak it
3) Uses no prefixes or suffixes
4) Used mostly by hearing or deaf (lil d) people
What is PSE?
Pidgin/Contact Signed English
What is PSE? 3 Criteria
1) Uses english word order
2) doesn't sign every word (you drop the smaller words)
3) Used mostly by hearing people to communicate with the deaf
What is ASL? Give 3 criteria for it.
1) it is its own language with its own grammatical rules NOT A FORM OF ENGLISH.
2) It is conceptual (one sign can stand for a whole entire concept)
3) No written equivalent for it.
What are 4 alternatives to sign language?
1) Lip Reading
2) Cued Speech
3) Finger Spelling (aka the Rochester Method)
4) Teaching speech to deaf people
What did Helen Keller use to communicate?
Tactile Sign Language
How many deaf children have hearing parents?
roughly 84% of deaf children have hearing parents.
How many deaf children have hearing parents that are unable to sign to them?
72 or 74% can't sign to their kids.
What is a TDD?
Telecommunication device for the Deaf
What is a TTY?
Teletype Writer
What does a TTY allow somebody to do?
allows deaf and hearing impaired people to talk over the phone. (like aim for the phone)
What does "ga" mean over the TTY?
go ahead

other person can talk now
What does "sk" mean over the the TTY?
stop keying

signals end of the conversation
What does a Relay service do?
allows deaf or hearing impaired people to "talk" to the hearing world.
Operators act as a 3rd party for the conversation.
What are the 4 types of causes of deafness?
Childhood causes
Inherited causes
Drug inducedW
What are some prenatal deafness causes?
Rubella (german measles), STD's (syphillis), chicken pox, cerebral palsy, mumps, flu, and loss of oxygen at birth
What percentage of deafness occurs due to prenatal factors?
What are three childhood causes of deafness?
Ear infections (otitis media), meningitis, and scarlet fever
Explain the inherited cause of deafness.
Deafness is an autosomal recessive inherited trait. When both parents carry the recessive gene for deafness, they make a baby and it might show up to be deaf.
Explain drug induced deafness.
Antibiotics may contain "otoxins" which may interfere with inner ear function.

Other drugs etc.