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Who were the first 5 EK's
Frank Jenkins
Kenneth Hawley
William DePuy
Robert Whitmer
When was the legion of honor founded
A sunday in october, 1886
When was sigma nu founded/anncounced
Jan 1, 1896
Who were the founders and where were they buried
Greenfield Quarles helena, AR

James Frank Hopkins Maybleville, AR

James McIlvane Riley St. Louis MO
Who penned the creed
Walter James Sears
Who was the first editor of the Delta
John ALexander Howard, A133
Who made the coat of arms
Elwood McClellen
Who blew up the rock
Ora Baldinger
Who painted the Quest
Michael Jaszczek
Who painted the serpent, rose and star
Elmer Paul Catts jr.
Who painted the founding
James Bowles Settles
What is the flower of sigma nu
the classic five petaled white wild english floribunda
what was the first expansion chapter and when was it founded and where
beta chapter, 1870, U of VA
Where was the fist national convention and when
Maxwell house, nashville, Tn 1884
where was the first HQ and when was it established
Indianapolis, IN 1915