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meghan flood
- panhellinic recruitment director
- super senior
- nutrition major
- flemington nj
- big - morgan glasgow
- little - brooke marck
lauren erisman
- senior
- interior design major
- lancaster pa
- big - christie jones
- littles - kristen whichard and carly hart
ashley gregory
- senior
- hospitality management major
- mooresville nc
- big - kylie belcher
- little - maggie roman and suzie strother
shanon holcomb
- super super senior
- pre health major
- fayetteville nc
- big - heather barbour
- littles - krystal gladson and abby tiralla
mandy jerrell
- senior
- recreational therapy major
- fayetteville nc
- big - hannah patrick
- little - marley poston
allison millsaps
- panhellinic delegate
- senior
- communications major
- winston salem nc
- big - jenna brannick
- little - kelly bumgarner
paige solomone
- senior
- marketing major
- potomic falls va
- big - lindsey mangus
- little - kasey taylor
how is a woman appointed to the AAB?
a collegiate vice president appoints them
what are three positions of AAB?
- chapter advisor
- membership education advisor
- financial advisor
what is a parlimentary procedure?
it is a technique that makes democracy function in a group. one person can speak at a time, every member has equal rights, and majority rules.
how does the nominating committee represent the views of the chapter in slate?
two from each pledge class pick the people and put them in their positions.
describe the coat of arms.
shield with a banner running from the upper left to the lower right bearing greek letters. the greek inscription translates to "faithful until death."
who is our NCC? describe her role.
kara miller - sends important messages to the president.
name 3 triennial collegiate awards.
- recruitment program - given to most outstanding recruitment program during triennial.

- chapter achievement - silver tray given to outstanding continuing improvement

- scholastic achievement - chapter who maintains the best scholastic achievement
what is a legacy?
a sister, daughter, or grandaughter of a sigma sigma sigma
list the seven standards of membership.
- alumna reference
- moral and ethical character
- creditable scholastic standing
- general background, culture, compatibility
- adapability and potential contribution to group life
- pleasing personality and appearance
- financial ability and integrity