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What do you get with peaches and cream?
ice cream
milk product
What is the country that starts with the letter P?
located in the south east asia region of the world
What is the country south of the USA?
They speak spanish here
What is the country north of the USA?
who has a maple flag for their country?
What city did Paul Revere live?
one of the oldest cities in the Northeast region of the USA
Where does the Jazz Basketball Team call their home state?
Where is Salt Lake City?
Where was the Winter Olympics in 2002?
Salt Lake City, Utah
This is where the Wasatch Mountains are located.
Which city is considered the mile high city in the USA?
The capital of Colorado
What is the major mountain range in California?
Sierra Neveda Mountains
West Coast Mountain Range
What fruit is Georgia known for?
The Peach
It grows on a tree.