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Wichitas were often at war because...
They lived on lands wanted by others
Define Matrilineal
Tracing ancestors thru materal lines
The Kiowas prized------------ and ----------above all else
Horses and bufflo
People migrating to Mmerica from Asia enterd int Alask over a -----------
Land Bridge
One advantage humans have over animals they hunted was that humans-----------
had tools
Farming changed the way people lived because it led to -------------
people settling in one placed
Define Culture
The way of life developed by people to satisfy thier needs
What langguage did the Apaches speak?
What is a Shaman?
A Holy man
One who studies evidence of past civilizations is called an-----------
Name 3 things Europeans learned from the Native americans.
Why did people migrate from Asia to America?
The followed the herds that they hunted
The earliest people in Texas got food by---------
Hunting and gathering
Commanche life centered around one activity.
Creating WAR
Why did adobe house last so long?
The climate was very dry and hot
What was home to the Tiguas which is near present day El Paso
What was the ancestral home claimed by the Aztecs?
Name 3 reasons why the Coahuiltecans people disappeared.
1.Killed in battle
3.moved to mexico
Why did the fighting stop between the wichitas and spanish settlers?
They began to trade with each other.
The Plains people used horses for hunting and-------
Humans first reached Texas--------years ago
The land of the Gulf People was unsuitable for farming , so they -------------
Moved often
The Cherokees moved to Texas from where?
The Allegany Mountains
A Caddos supported France or Spain?
What did the jumanos do to Identify themselves as peaceful traders?
The tattooed stripes on thier faces
The Karankawas most treasured possessions when fishing was-------------
The Dugout Canoe
In 1859, the Caddos were relocated to ----------- in Oklahoma.
Define Artifact
Any object made by humans
Define Adobe
A mud house
Define Tepee
Cone shaped dwelling made from animal skins and poles by native americans
WEhat indian group lived on the edge of the Edwards Plateau near modern day Austin
The Tonkawas
In Illinois, this was the center of the Caddo trade network