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term applied to radiologic examinations of the salivary glands with use of contrast media
Why are fewer studies performed?
MRI and CT
What is the purpose of Sialography?
to opacify the salivary duct of interest an associated glandular tissue to demonstrate potential pathological processes.
What are some pathologies you look for in sialography?
obstruction by calculi, strictures or tumors located within the duct. Sialectasia(dialation of a duct) can be assessed as well as the extent of a fistula.
Parotid gland?
Stenson's Duct
Submandibular gland?
Wharton's duct
Sublingual gland?
ducts of rivinus and bartholins duct
What contrast is used for Sialography?

How much?
Ethidol- oily based

1-2 ml
What is the procedure for Sialography?
A lemon is ued to open up the ducts, and then contrast is injected. Spot films/overheads are taken, then a lemon is given to expel contrast