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Rutgers Fellowship Program
The program has grown exponentially to include 12 partner companies (including several of the top ten global companies) within the pharmaceutical and bio- pharmaceutical industries.
Over ___ Post-Doctoral Fellows have completed the Program to date, many of whom are pursuing influential and rewarding careers in industry throughout the US and abroad. Over __ PharmDs now participate in the Fellowship Program annually.
Rutgers Fellowship Information Day
During this time, applicants will have the opportunity to complete the first part of the interview process by watching an informative video and a slide presentation. Candidates will also have the opportunity to meet with current fellows and representatives from various companies to learn about the different fellowship positions that are available for the coming year.
Degree Requirements for Rutgers Fellowship
The Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowships are intended for candidates who will have completed their Doctorate of Pharmacy before the time they would be expected to start the fellowship (July 1st of the following year). By no means is the program open strictly to new graduates. PharmD's with various types of experience are welcome to apply. For future graduates, mainly 2nd or 3rd professional year students, attending the Midyear Clinical Meeting to see first-hand how the process works can be beneficial for the following year when their application process begins. The program is not open to holders of any other advanced degree.
ASHP Midyear Meeting
You should bring the following items with you to Midyear:

-At least 50 copies of your curriculum vitae (CV) outlining your education, clerkships, professional experience and any other affiliations/awards that may be pertinent
-Useful supplies such as black pens, paper clips, a daily planner to keep track of interviews, and a professional folder/portfolio to hold CVs
-Formal business attire for interviewing
Teaching Opportunities at Rutgers
As adjunct faculty at the School of Pharmacy, there are opportunities for fellows to teach. Fellows find that teaching can enhance their fellowship experience. Fellows have been involved in development in various required and elective courses.
Rutgers Fellowship - Career opportunity in Regulatory Affairs
• Dealing with IND, NDA submissions
• Package insert development/revision
• FDA meetings, advisory committee meetings
• Understanding of government regulations
Networking opportunities at Rutgers and Pharma Companies
There are many opportunities to meet and network with other Fellows. The Professional Development Series is an excellent opportunity for interaction among Fellows. Furthermore, a whole array of social activities and events are arranged at least monthly for Fellows from different companies to mingle and network.
Rutgers Fellowship - Career opportunity in Regulatory Affiars
• Product and therapeutic expertise interactions/relationships with medical professionals and opinion leaders across healthcare sectors
• Maintain clinical, scientific, and technical expertise in specific therapeutic areas; review scientific journals, attend scientific and key technical meetings
• Provide medical and clinical information to healthcare professionals upon request