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Attachments on the clavicle
1) Costoclavicular (medial)
2) Coracoclavicular (lateral)

1) Pectoralis Major (medial)
2) Sternocleidomastoid (medial)
3) Trapezius (laterally)
- body
- spine
- acromion process
- coracoid process
Acrominon Process
- articulates with clavicle
Coracoid Process
- palpate below the clavicle , under anterior margin of deltoid muscle
Glenoid Cavity
- articulates with the Glenoid
Supraglenoid tubercle
- long head of the biceps brachii
Infraglenoid tubercle
- long head of the triceps brachii
bicipital groove
- tendon of the long head of the bicepts brachii
- intertubercle sulcus
surgical neck
- proximal part of the humerus to the shaft
- common site for fractures
- posterior humeral circumflex artery
- course of axillary nerve
Deltoid tuberosity
- lateral border of shaft, marks attachment of deltoid
Spiral Groove
- shallow depression on posterior aspect of shaft
- radial nerve
- profunda brachii artery
Fracture of the clavicle
- junction between middle and outer third
- mid shaft fracture