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When a character struggles with feelings such as doubt, fear, or guilt, what type of conflict is he experiencing?
man vs. self
An internal conflict occurs
when a character struggles against a personal trait.
External conflicts result from a character’s
struggling with forces outside himself.
The “turning point” or moment of crisis in a story is called the
The theme of a story can best be described as
the story’s real meaning to a reader.
Irony is best described as
something that happens which is the opposite of what is expected.
Point of view is
who tells the story.
Foreshadowing is best described as
hints about things to come.
The plot is
the sequence of actions and events in a story.
Which is NOT one of the things that the narrator liked about the setting in "A Mother in Manville"?
its nearness to town
In "A Mother in Manville" why did Jerry come and sit in the cabin in the evenings?
He liked being with the narrator.
In "A Mother in Manville" why was the narrator upset when Jerry told her he had a mother?
She was angry that any woman would go away and leave her son.
The narrator’s relationship, in "A Mother in Manville" with Jerry most endangers her sense of
In "A Mother in Manville" why didn’t Jerry say goodbye to the narrator?
He was very upset that she was leaving.
In "Thank You, M,am", how did Mrs. Jones get Roger to come to her apartment?
She used physical force.
Why did Roger try to take Mrs. Jones’s pocketbook in "Thank You, M'am"?
He wanted money to buy a pair of blue suede shoes.
Which is NOT a way in which Mrs. Jones showed trust toward Roger in "Thank You, M'am"?
She let him go to the store to get sweet milk.
Which is NOT an example of dialect in "Thank You, M'am"?
Sweat popped out on the boy’s face and he began to struggle.
Which word gives the main idea of how Mrs. Jones treated Roger in "Thank You, M'am"?
In "Thank You, M'am" when Mrs. Jones was behind the screen, why did Roger sit where she could easily see him out of the corner of her eye?
He wanted her to see that he was not going to take her pocketbook.
"Too Soon A Woman" What can be inferred from the detail? "We left the home place behind, mile by slow mile, heading for the mountains, across the prairie where the wind blew forever."
The prairie was vast, windy, and lonesome.
"Too Soon a Woman" What can be inferred from the detail? "When we stopped at little timber claims along the way, the homesteaders
said it had rained all summer. Crops among the
blackened stumps were rotted and spoiled."
The rain had ruined the crops.
"Too Soon a Woman" What can be inferred from the detail?
"There was a creek that probably had fish in it, if a person could catch them. Pa tried it for half a day before he gave up."
Pa found that the fish in the creek were impossible to catch.
"Too Soon a Woman" What can be inferred from the detail? "I got plumb lost two or three times and thought maybe I was
going to die there alone and nobody would ever know it, but I found the way back to the clearing."
There was no one else living within miles of the cabin.
"Too Soon a Woman" What can be inferred from the detail? "Mary stood in the doorway for a while, looking out at the dripping world as if she had found it beautiful."
Mary was looking at a rainy scene.
In "Three Wise Guys", these sentences does help to create suspense in the story?
A. Not until El Dia de los Reyes, the sixth of January, do you hear?
B. The papa and the mama lifted the cardboard flaps, and everyone peered inside to see what it was the brothers Travis had brought them on the Day of the Three Kings.
In "Three Wise Guys", this best describes the narrator of the story.
The narrator is not one of the characters in the story.
In "Three Wise Guys", what happened to the encyclopedias that the Gonzalez family received?
The books were used in various ways by different members of the family.
In "Button, Button", why was Arthur uninterested in the details of the offer?
He thought the offer was immoral.
In "Button, Button", how did Norma try to justify to Arthur her interest in the offer?
She said that she wanted the money to improve both their lives.