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Alienation (noun)
the state or experience of being isolated from a group or an activity to which one should belong or in which one should be involved
Bawl (verb)
Shout or call out noisily
Befoul (verb)
Make dirty,pollute
Blubber (verb)
to sob or cry noisily and uncontrollably
Blunt (adj)
An edge or point with a dull point
Bravado (noun)
Present tense of bravery
Bulbous (adj)
Fat, round or bulging
Bulb-like in shape, round
Callous (adj)
Showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others
Chortle (verb)
Laugh in a breathy, gleeful way
Concoct (verb)
Make a dish or meal by combining various ingredients
Create or devise esp. of a plan
Congeal (verb)
to change a liquid into a solid or semi-solid state by cooling.
Conscientious (adj)
(of a person) Wishing to do what is right especially to do one's work or duty well and thoroughly.
Detestation (noun)
Intense dislike
Dilapidated (adj)
Old, ruined, ragged, ready to be torn down
Disingenuous (adj)
not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does.
Dislodge (verb)
To remove from an established or fixed position
Doted (verb. intrans)
(dote on/upon) be extremely and uncritically fond of
Elaborate (adj)
Detailed and complicated in design and planning
Equilibrium (noun)
State at which one feels at peace
Exhibitionist (noun)
Behavior that is to attract attention to oneself
Flaccid (adj)
(part of the body) soft and hangs loosely or limply
Froth (noun)
Bubbling occuring in liquids
To express a complain, grumble
Old fashioned term for influenza
Technical term for stank breath