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what is a baguette?
a type of bread that is long and thin
where do you buy a baguette?
la boulangerie
what is Fauchon's?
the most prestigious grocerers in Paris
what shops were affected by arrival of supermarkets?
small food shops
why do the french go shopping?
to meet other people and as a social gesture
what is "la vendeuse"
a salesgirl
how often do the french buy bread?
once or twice a day
what does "bien cuit" mean?
what is une ficelle?
bread that is thinner than a baguette
what is un pain de campagne?
a large round loaf
what is le goûter?
a children's 4 o'clock snack
what else can you buy in a boulangerie apart from bread?
cakes and pastries
what are the 2 meanings of pâtisserie?
the name of a shop & a small pastry
what does la confiserie sell?
what are sugared almonds called?
des dragées
what is une sucette?
a lollipop
what are the main sweets sold at christmas?
chocolats and glazed chestnuts
what are small shops called?
les petits boutiques
what is a pastry shop called?
la pâtisserie
what is the butcher's called?
la boucherie
is meat cheap?
what else does the butcher sell?
what is the horsemeat shop called?
la boucherie chevaline
how do you recognise a horsemeat shop?
by the horse's head sign over the entrance
what kind of a shop is la charcuterie?
a shop that sells pork butchery and delicatessan
what are les plats préparés?
what is le paté de foie gras?
goose liver pâté
what is the NZ equivalent of l'épicerie?
a dairy
what is the difference between an épicerie and an épicerie fine?
an épicerie fine specialises in high-class goods and superior wines
what is the fishmonger's called?
la poissonerie
what is la bouillabaisse?
a spicy fish soup typical of the mediterranian
name three shellfish in french
des crevettes
des huîtres
des moules
what is la crêmerie?
a shop that sells milk, cream, butter and cheese
where do you find la crêmerie?
in towns
who is le marchand de vin?
a wine specialist
what are les caves?
the cellars
what is la librairie-papeterie?
a combination shop of bookshop and stationer's
what is the Forum des Halles?
a shopping complex in Paris
what is le marchand de journaux?
what is le bar-tabac?
what is la pharmacie?
a pharmacy
how do you recognise a pharmacy?
by a big green cross
what does a pharmacy sell?
medicines and other parmeceutical products
where do you buy beauty products?
une parfumerie
what are les tisanes?
herbal drinks
what is bought at la maroquinerie?
bags and other leather goods
what kind of shop is la quincaillerie?
a hardware store
what is DIY in french?
le bricolage
what sorts of things can you buy at la mercerie?
l'électro-ménager sells what?
electrical appliances
what do you buy in Limoges?
pottery and china
what is un bijoutier?
where are the exclusive fashion shops in Paris?
rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
name three couturiers
pierre cardin
what days are the shops closed?
what does fermeture annuelle mean?
annual holiday
when do open air markets take place?
twice a week
what is sold at open air markets?
fresh food, poultry
what is un marché aux puces?
flea markets
what is un marché aux fleurs?
flower markets
what is un marché aux oiseaux?
bird and small animal markets
what is un marché aux timbres?
stamp markets
name 2 well-known department stores
le Printemps
les Galeries Lafayette
what are les soldes?
what are 2 lines of cheaper department stores?
name two well known hypermarkets
what are les centres commerciaux?
shopping centres
is mail order successful in france?
yes and becoming more increasingly so
name a big mail-order firm
la Redoute
name three pâtisseries
éclair au chocolat
éclair au café
une tarte aux pommes
which treat is often bought on sundays?
charcuterie - a variety of pâtés
what is a hypermarket compared to a supermarket?
a hypermarket sells other things as well as food