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What is a right triangle?
A triangle with a 90 degree angle
What is a tangent?
A curved or straight line that touches but does not cross another curved or straight line at a point other than at its ends.
What is the fractional equivalent to .045?
What is the dimension of a surface?
length and width
What does bisect mean?
To divide into two equal parts.
What is a diameter?
The distance from one side of a circle to the other through the center.
How many sides does a hexagon have?
WHat is a plane?
A two dimensional geometric figure.
What is the definition of a kilogram?
The weight of one liter of water.
What is the decimal equivalent to 3/4?
.75 (3 divided by 4)
What is the equation for the area of a rectangle?
Area=Length x Width
What type of surface development is the only method
with which the development of warped surfaces may be approximated?
What is the definition of a ton?
It is the weight of one cubic meter of water.
What is an Isoceles triangle?
A triangle with two equal sides.
What is the definition of a gram?
It is the weight of one cubic centimeter of pure distilled water at a room temperature of 39.2 degrees f
What is the unit of measure showing volume?
The cube such as cubic inches or cubic feet.
What is a vertex?
The point of intersection of two lines forming an angle.
What is a decimal?
Any number written with a decimal.
What is a curve?
A geometric line or shape that is not straight, contains no angles, and does not form a closed figure.
What is a mixed decimal?
An integer and a decimal fraction combined.
What type of surface development is for surfaces such as cones and pyramids?
Radial development.
What type of surface development is for surfaces such as prisms and cylinders?
Parallel development.
What is a ratio?
A method of comparing two numbers or values in fractional form.
What is the primary unit of weights?
The gram
What is the metric system based on?
The meter.
What is the most accurate method of drawing an ellipse?
The concentric circle method.
What is the easiest method of drawing a large ellipse?
The pin and string method.
What is the Hypotenuse of a triangle?
The side of a right triangle that is opposite the right angle.
What is a percentage?
The expression of numbers in hundreths
How many inches is a meter?
What is an angle?
A figure formed by two lines converging on a common point.
How do decimal fractions differ from common fraction?
The denominators are not written but are expressed by place value.
What is an apex?
The highest point of a triangle.
What is an equilateral triangle?
A triangle with three equal sides.
What is an arc?
A portion of a circle or curve.
What is the definition of a point?
The intersection of two lines.
What are patterns?
Geometric shapes that conform to a plan and contain allowance for draft, shrinkage and machine finish.
What is a Helix?
A curve that is generated by a point moving uniformly on a straight line that revolves around an axis.
What type of surface development is for surfaces that do not lend themselves to either of the other two methods?
What is a proportion?
A relation of equality.