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Name three things lao tzu happened when Yin and Yang were out of balance?
War, Famine, and Disease.
What did Hanfeizi preach to his student that support legalism as a way of life?
dont know
Give Confucous example for Recipricity
Treat others the way you want to be treated
Confucious taugh that social harmony and good government would return to china if people lived accordingly to __ and__ .
Good conduct and moral judgement
Who founded Taoisim
Lao Tzu
Which Dynasty had Legalism?
Ancesters gave what to the living?
wisom and good fortune
Who named China , China?
What dynasty built roads and expanded trades?
When does Confucious Die?
479 b.c.
Who commisioned the great wall of china to be built?
shih huang ti
Evidence of Chinas first writing was found on what?
oracle bones
How many different charactors are in the shang dynastys written script?
over 10,000
How many peasants worked building the Great Wall of China?
over 300,00
Explain the areas of a city in the Shang dynasty.
on study guide nobles in peasants out
Confucious teachings were put inside a book called?
Explain an Oracle Bone ceremony.
? People use oracle bones for important decisions
What kind of Weapons did the Shand dynasty have?
Bronze weapons + chariots
How long did the Zhou dynasty last?
around 800 years
Who did legalism favor?
What does Reopricity mean?
an even exchange
Spirits gave what to the king?
strength and power
What does Filailpeity mean?
a childs respect for a parent or elder
What does Legalism endure?
Stricked laws, stressed authority,and officent govt.
One word that sums up the study of good conduct and moral judgement.
Who founded Legalism?
What are 3 chinease inventions?
iron plow,jewlrey made of jade, and Calvary