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shakespeare is the world's...
favorite author
he was first admired for his long _______ poems
poets and critics fo the 19th century considered him the...
genius of the english race
shakespeare was probably born in ______ on ________
1564, April 23
Shakespeare married ___________ in ________
Anne Hathaway, 1582
They had three children ______, _______, _______
susanna, hamnet, judith
what were the "lost years"
1585-1592 b/c nothing is known of his life
shakespeare was both a writer and a...
in 1599 his company built the...
Globe theater
what was the name of Shakespeares acting company? it was also known as...
The Lord Chamberlains Men and became known as the King's Men
what makes shakespeare a world famous author?
b/c he understood why people behave the way they do and every type of person is represented
three divisions of his plays...
comedy, tragedy, history
most of his comedies are...
romantic fantasies
the histories illustrate
the moral lessons from the crimes of ambitious and treacherous leaders of a state
the tragedies deal with...
death, mortality, destruction and shows what happens if moral law is broken
describe the Globe
octagonal, thatched roof, 3 levels overlooking the stage, 65ft yard for poor, rectangular platform with a trap door and an inner stage
shakespeare audience
groundlings and wealthy
who were the groundlings?
less wealthy spectators
what were the costumes like?
colorful, elaborate version fo Elizabethan "modern dress"
soliloquy- reveals inner thoughts and feelings, alone on stage

aside- spoken thoughts that the other actors "don't" hear
all roles were played by...
boys, men
how did he compensate for lack of scenery?
beautiful descriptive passages