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What are methods of payments accepted in the ship's store?
Navy Cash, U.S. Currency, Personal Checks, and Travler's Checks.
Who is over all responsible for cash sale in the ship's store?
Ship's Store Operator
Who stipulates the amount for change fund?
At what time's are the change fund's obtained?
Begginning of each accounting period, and when the ships store has been closed for more then 72 hr's.
Whom is the person that obtains the change fund?
What form is used?
DD Form 1081 (Statement of Agent Officers Account0
Who has access to the cash register?
Ships store operator.
What are the 6 steps to handling money in the cash Register?
1. Count money you receive
2. Repeat out loud amount as well as amount of sale.
3. Leave amount receiver on change plate until you count change from till.
4. Count Twice
5. Arrange money in register
6. One trasaction at a time!
Who can authorizes a cash refund?
Ship's store officer!!
(Small Ships Disbo)
Who is in charge of colleting cash, and when is it collected?
Cash Collection agent and end of each business day and end of each shift.
What is the purpose of NAVSUP 469?
To record all cash from sales.
Who maintains the NAVSUP 469?
Cash Collection Agent
Who is required to sign the NAVSUP 469?
Cash Collection Agent and Responsible Custodian
How much cash should be left in the Cash register over night?
$50.00 or Less