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Transfer from other supply officers (line BO5) the balance sheet is obtained from?
Journal of reciepts
The cost of Retail Sales (Line B21) of the Balance Sheet is obtained from?
Journal of Expenditures
Contributions to Ship Store Profits (Line CO4) are from what sources?
Rebates from vendors special programs, funds from amusement games, ships profit on military exchange catalog
What the amount on line CO 1 of the profit and loss statement represent?
Funds brought forward from the previous accounting period.
Adding machine tapes identify which items?
Balance Sheet Caption
Ship Name and UIC
Date of the returns
How many DD Form 1149's are required with the retained returns to show sales from retail store and VM?
Ship Store and clothing returns remain onboard for how long?
2 years
What materials are included in ship store stock?
Articles intended for resale,
consumable materials for services, Minor equipment and parts (not in ASL)
In what PUB should you find a listing of items authorized for ship store stock?
Tax-Free tabacco products may be sold in the ship's store only when the ship is in what location?
Operating outside a three mile limit of the US.