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Why is the abomasum allowed to "wander"?
Firmly attached anteriorly by the omasum but losley suspended by greater and lesser omentum
The occurrence of LDA is 90%. when does this tend to occur?
within first 6 weeks of calving (dairy cattle)
What happens in a LDA?
Greater curveof the abomasum passes under the rumen and gets trapped against the body wall
Why is an RDA considered an emergency?
It is always accompanied by some degree of torsion of the pylorus
What is an abomasal volvulus?
Twisting of abomasum on the mesenteric plexus
What factors predispose a cow to a displaced abomasum
-abomasal atony
-concurrent dz
-misc factors
True or false, younger cows are more likey to have a displaced abomasum?
false, older cows are
Why is parturition a factor of displace abmasum?
The enlarged uterus can displace the rumen allowing the abomasum to move under it
What role can ketosis play in displaced abomasum?
adds to negative energy balance
decr appetite
decreased rumen fill may ;lead to shifting of organs
What effect does hypocalcemia have on the abomasum?
decreased motility
What can cause abomasal atony?
Increased VFA from concentrate feed
How do concurrent dzs such as metritis, mastitis affect the abomasum?
endotoxins depress motlilty
leads to hypocalcemia
What are the clinical sigsn of LDA/RDA?
-decr appetitite
-decr milk
-normal TPR
-"DA" diarrhea
-chane in contour?
-decr rumen contractions
-pinging over rib cage
-may feel large rumen rectally
What are the clinical signs of abomasal volvulus?
Complete anorexia
Sharp decrease in milk
Sunken left paralumbar
Absent rumen
Scant manure production
Elevated heart rate
> 100 bpm
Systemic shock of left
May be able to rectally
palpate the abomasum
How do you listen for a ping?
Ausculation at each ICS
-tympanic resonant sound on percussion
do both sounds
-ballotment of lower abdomen may reveal splashing sound
Where do you find the pings?
Line form point of elbow to tuber coxae and from elbow to the stifle
Do all displaced abomasums ping?
Where is the classic location for a LDA ping?
lower third of abd from 8th ICS to paralumbar fossa,
Where is the classic location for a RDA/volvulus ping?
usually confined to an area of the last 5 ribs in the upper half of the abdomen
What are the differentials for a LDA?
-rumen tympany
What are the differentials for RDA?
-Cecal dilitation or volvulus
-Gas in spiral colon
-“Off feed ping” – gas accumulation from ileus
-Abomasal volvulus
How do you dx a DA?
-Clinical signs
-Rectal examination
-Clinical pathology
-Liptak test (for LDA only)
What clinpath results would you expect in a DA?
-CBC - normal unless concurrent dz
-PCV/TP normal unless dehydrated
can increase greatly with volvulus
What serum chem or blood gas results would you expect with DA?
-Metabolic Alkalosis 9worse w/ volvulus or chronic LDA)
-Hyperlactatemia (px w/ volvulus)
-Ketone bodies
-Hypercalcemia (can occur with the systemic shock that
accompanies abomasal volvulus>
What happens to chloride in a DA that is not a complete obstruction?
+/- Mild hypochloremia
+/- Mild metabolic alkalosis
Why might there be a hypochloremia with a volvulus
Potential for sequestration of HCl in abomasum