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Who wrote Psychopathia Sexualis?
Who said that judgements about pathological sexual behavior by doctors are inherently judgments
Foucalt and Szasz
If you were a biologist studying proximate causes of things, you would be studying...
If you were a biologist studying ultimate causes of things, you would be studying...
script theory
Society has a script in mind about how men/women are supposed to behave
Ontogenetic level of analysis
How did the developing individual come to display this behavior?
Ultimate level of analysis
How did evolution or culture cause this behavior to come about?
Proxiate level of analysis
What is the underlying neural mechanism controlling this behavior?
Hirschfeld though that...
sex is not mental, it's the unfolding of biological processes
Essentialists think that...
Something essentially different in people who are gay
social constructionists think that...
Nothing different about gay people, society has decided that some people are gay
Worked to present young people with positive education about sexuality
Worked for right to learn about contraception information