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What are the 3 classes of sex steroids?
Progestins, Estrogens & Androgens
What hormones result from Androgens?
Testosterone & DHT
Where is testosterone produced?
Adrenal cortex & gonads (M-Leydig cells, F- thecal cells)
What hormone from the hypoth. controls the release of hormones from the pitutary gland?
GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone)
What hormone regulates the menstrual cycle?
LH (luteinizing hormone)
What hormone promotes maturation of gametes?
FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone)
What hormone is present only when a woman is pregnant?
hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)
What hormone is secreted by testes during fetal life to block the development of Female reproductive tract?
Anti-Mullerian hormone
Term that refers to sperm production & testosterone production occuring together.
Term that refers to the coooperative action between LH & FSH
Hormone that is secreted by the gonads, acts on the p.gland to help prevent litters
What hormone prevents genital tissues from shriveling?
How does the production of estradiol (from testosterone)help men?
-sperm maturation & concentration, -growth termination at puberty, -bone density
the cessation of menstruation
pain at ovulation
D1-5 of a menstural cycle when bleeding occurs
menstural phase
D6-14 of a menstural cycle between mensturation & ovulatin
follicular phase
D15-28 of a menstural cycle between ovulation and menstration
luteal phase
phase when there is a drop in progesterone
menstural phase
heavy; long; painful periods
excess of this causes cramping
phase where a set of follicules develop with one being prominent (estrogen is secreted)
follicular phase
the egg cells that are present at birth (& in a halted state of myosis)
primary oocytes
the thin layer of granulosa cells (nourishment)surrounding an oocyte
promordinal follicle
state where the egg has begun to mature
preantral follicle
what swells as the antrum (fluid filled cavity w/in the folicle) expands
antral folicle
from which an egg (the winner of the egg pagent0 will soon be released
preovulatory follicle
the reorganized reminants of the follicle that ruptured at ovulation and produces hormones (estrogen? & progesterone) in case of pregnancy
corpus luteum
the part of the uterus that thickens in the luteal phase (thanks to progesterone)
what hormone affects brain function, kidney function, reduces anxiety, affects body temp.