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external genitals of the female
mound of hair over pubic bone & fatty tissue underneath
mon veneris
outer lips, covered in pubic hair, contains sewat & oil glands, extensive blood vessels and nerve endings
labia majora
inner lips, hairless folds of skin that join at the clitoral hood and extend past vaginal opening
labia minora
place where labia minor meet behind the vestibule, top of the perineum
potential space between the left & right labia minora, includes the clitoris, urethal opening, & vaginal opening
highly sensitive structure of the female external genitals, only function is sexual pleasure
forskin or fold of skin over the clitoris
clitoral hood or prepuce
small, erectile, & highly sensitive knob of tissue positioned at the front of the vestibule
clitoral glans
(2)spongy tissue that fills with blood during sexual arousal and makes the clitoris erectile
corpora cavernosa
internal extensions (~7 cm long) of the clitoris that wrap the urethra (like a wishbone)
crura or crus
(2)curved masses of erectile tissue that surround the vestible & underlie the labia minora
vestibular bulbs
(2)surrounds each crus, contraction of these during arousal elevates the clitoral shaft & glans
ischiocavernosus muscle
forms a sling around the clitoral shaft and surrounds the vaginal opening; contraction of this muscle tightens vaginal opening & increases clitoral erection
bulbospongiosus muscle
occupies rear position of the vestibule
introitus or vaginal opening
incomplete membranous fold of skin that can cover the vaginal opening
between vaginal opening & clitoris
urethral opening
on either side of the vaginal opening; unknown function
bartholin's glands
area between the vaginal opening & anus
stretchable canal that forms the birth canal
curcumferential wrinkles in the inner surface of the vagina
area of heightened sensitivity on the front wall of the vagina
Grafenburg spot; G-spot
next to the urethra, may be responsible for some forms of female ejaculation (similar to male's prostate gland)
paraurethral (Skene's) glands
a hollow organ in which conceptus implant and grow
uterus (womb)
lowermost part of the uterus that opens into the vagina
portion of the abdomen surrounded by the bones of the pelvis
pelvic cavity
a constricted opening that connects the vagina to a canal that runs throught the cervix
external os
a second canal that connects the cervix to the uterus
internal os
the cavity of the uterus
inner lining of the uterus
muscular wall of the uterus
outer layer of the uterus
perimetrim or peritonuim
cluster of cells derived from a fertilized ovum, part of which becomes an embryo
shedding of part of the endometrial lining & its discharge
site of fertilization; located at the top of the uterus
oviducts or fallopian tubes
finger-like ends of the oviducts that brush the ovaries in order to seeep in released ovum
the female gonad; produces ovum
an oocyte w/its supporting cells within the ovary
a cell capable of developing into an ovum
a mature female gamet, prior to or immediately following ovulation
what are the two functions of the ovaries
ovulation & release of sex hormones
milk-producing glands w/in the breasts
mammary glands
secondary sex characteristics
microscopic cavity that produces & secretes milk
condition of possessing more than 2 nipples
condition of possessing more that 2 breasts
convey milk from the alveoli to the lactiferous sinuses
lactiferous ducts
one of the storage areas for milk near the nipple
lactiferous sinus
hormonally mediated reflux that couses movement of milk from the alveoli to the lactiferous sinused
milk letdown reflux
the circular patch of darker skin that surrounds the nipple