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Tension Discs
controlled by the tension dial, regulate the amount of tension on your needle thread
Hand Wheel Knob
Engags hand wheel to sewing mechanism. Loosen knob for bobin winding.
Slide Plates
open's easily, lets you see bobbin
Preser Foot Lifter
back of machine allows you to raise an lower pesser foot
shows hread suppy, esily removed for winding
Hand Wheel
controls movement of take-uplever and needle. ALways turn it toward you.
Pressure Dial
regulates pressure-foot pressure on fabric. It has an all-purpose sewing setting plus settings for extra light ad extra heavey for darning
Thread Cutter
built into pressure bar for saftey and conveniences
Bobbin Winder Tension Discs
regulates thread tension bobbin winding
moves fabric under the pressure feed
Reverse-stitch Lever
instanty reverses stiching direction at the touch of your fingure
Throat Plate
secured by magnets, lifts onto for removal. Guidelines on rigt and left sides of plate help you keep seam straight
Tension Dial
lets you select just the right tensin for your stitch thread ad fabri. The #'s eliminate guesswork in duplicating sttings
Electric Connections and Speed Controller
designed for our easy and safty
Needle Position Dial
place needle in either left, right, or center stitch setting position
Bobbin Winder Thread Post
Guides the thread when winding the bobbin
Power and light switch
turns on machine and sewing light simultaneously. Fast and slow speed rangeetting let you choose the best sewing speed for your work
Switch Width Dial
control the width of zig-zag stitch an positions the needle for striagt stitching
Needle Clamp
designed to make needle self-seting and eliminate the possibility of inserting needle backwards
Built-in sewing Light
illuminates sewing area. Pull down backe make it easy to replace bulb
Face Plate
swings open for acss to threading chart an pressure dial
Bobbin Case Tension Screw
reulates bobbin-thread tension. Sldom needs adjustment
Spool Pin
holds spools of various sizes
Pressure Foot
holds fabric against feed
Stitc control dial
allows for a variety f stic lengths; also has a special stretc setting for straight or zig-zag stretch stitching
Take-up level
control flow of needl thread