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Who carves the goose at the party?
What does Gabriel give to Lily? What previous exchange does this recall?
a gold coin. this recalls the Two Gallants giving the gold coin to the girl.
Where did Michael Furey have a job?
From what part of Ireland did Gretta Conroy come?
The What is the name of the ballad that Bartell D'Arcy sings?
Lass of Aughrim
Briefly describe the scenario the song relates.
It refers to a British general that impregnates an Irish girl. The girl is standing outside his doorway with a baby, but the general turns her away.
What pejorative name does Molly Ivors call Gabriel
West Briton
She calls him this name both for something he has done and for something he refuses to do. Name both.
He has written for the Daily Express, and he refuses to vacation at the Aran Isles.
Where does Gabriel plan to go on this summer vacation?>
France and Germany for his cycling tour
Patrick Morkan's ancenstral mansion is on what street?
Back Lane
Where is the Kearney's contract drawn up?
Kearney living room
How many concerts are there supposed to be, according to that contract?
What does Mr. Kearny do for a living?
he is a bootmaker
When asked Gretta says Michael Furey did
e) for her
Where is the snow said to fall in "The Dead"?
a)Shannon Waves
Who leaves the party early in "The Dead"?
Molly Ivors
Briefly summarize the story Gabriel tells just before he leaves the party.
Gabriel tells a story about his grandfather and his horse name Johnny. He took was riding around with Johnny and then they came upon the statue of King Billy. When Johnny saw the statue, he started walking in circles around it.
What does Michael Furey die of?
Why does Julia Morkan no longer sing in the Church choir?
The church discriminates against women.
What art form is discussed over dinner?
e) opera
Patrick Morkan ran what kind of business?
a starchmaking business
How does Miss Healy betray her friends the Kearneys in "A Mother"?
she tells Mr. Holohan that he did the right thing.
Briefly describe the historical significance of the battles of Boyne and Aughrim respectively.
Boyne represented the victory of British rule over Ireland. Since Aughrim happend after Boyne, Aughrim basically represented the British striking the final blow on Ireland.
What three motifs from Christ's crucifixion appear at the end of "The Dead"?
spear, cross, thorns
Who used to sing the ballad "The Lass of Aughrim?"
Michael Furey
Who is the first character introduced in "The Dead"?
What character from another Dubliners story will be accompanying Miss Ivors on her summer trip? Significance?
Kathleen Kearney...significant b/c it makes us question her motive for going to the Aran Isles. This motive would be social advancement.
What body of water will that trip involve?
Atlantic Ocean
To what character, other than Lily, has Gabriel given a sovereign?
Mrs. Kearney is ultimately condemned for failing to act like a _______.
Mrs. Kearney wants to conduct the dispute in the language of ________, while Mr. Holohan wishes to conduct it in the language of__________.
contract, decency.
Name two things about the appearance or deportment of the concert folk that disturbs Mr.s Kearny right from the start.
the flat accents and the shabby dresses
Mrs. Kearney went to school in a __________. Her daughter goes to school in a _________.
convent; convent
Mrs. Kearney learned what language in school? Her daughter learned what language in school?
French; French
What is Mrs. Kearney's motive for participating in the Irish Revival?
social advancement
Who gives the after dinner address in "The Dead"?
Whom does the speaker criticize, anonymously, in the address?
Molly Ivors