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On which of the following authors was Sherwood Anderson a major influence?

c)Dos Passos
e)Philip Roth
d) Faulkner
The prefatory story of the volume describes the following state:

b)the grotesque
c)the comic
d)the tragic
e)the solitary
b)the grotesque
The protagonist of the prefatory story is a

a) prisoner
b.a young carpenter
c.a teenage girl
d. a nurse old writer
f. a hotel keeper
e. an old writer
Like Dubliners, Winesburg, Ohio, is an early example of which genre?

a. picaresque
b. adventure tale
c. synchronic collection
d. day book
e. gothic
c. synchronic collection
Winesburg, Ohio manages at the same time to incorporate elements of which novelistic genre?

a. the picaresque
b. the synchronic collection
c. bildungsroman
d. epic
e. novel of manners
c. bildungsroman
From what did Wing Biddlebaum take his new last name?
A box at the train station
What was Wing's former name?
Adolph Myers
Why did Wing get run out of Pennsylvania?
Fathers of his students were after him b/c they believe he molested their children. In actuallity, Wing was only rubbing their shoulders to help them "dream".
Wing shows a great talent for encouraging students to

a. draw
b. speak
c. write
d. dream
e. study
d. dream
To whom does Wing unburden in Winesburg?
George Willard
What is Wing's occupation in Winesburg?
Fieldhand/berry picker
Which of the following technologies were crucial in exposing Winesburg to external influences?

a. telegraph
b. automobile
c. railroad
d. radio
e. newspaper
f. b&c
g. c&d
h. b&e
i. c&e
j. d&e
i. c&e
What narrative ploy does Anderson use "Mother" to convey a sense of stasis or stagnancy?
3rd person direct
During her youth, Elizabeth Willard had paraded around Winesburg with what two groups of out-of-towners?
business men, theater people
While planning to kill her husband, Elizabeth retrieved a box of:

b. theatrical
c. ammunition
d. photographs
e. cleaning materials
b. theatrical materials
She thinks of herself as what kind of animal?

a. tigress
b. bear
c. deer
d. bat
e. elephant
a. tigress
In "Mother," George tells his mother he wants to go

a. to journalism school
b. away
c. into the army
d. to work
e. to Helen White's house
b. away
Elizabeth prays that her son not be

b.evil and successful
h. a&c
Dr. Parcival frequently talks to George because he wants to

a. persuade the boy
b. learn about the boy
c. annoy the boy
d. seduce the boy
e. bully the boy
a. persuade the boy
Parcival believes the town will hang him. For what?
He didn't help the girl that died from being thrown from the horse buggie. All of the other doctors tried to help when they were called.
Parcival has an idea for a book which he hopes George will write: everyone in the world is ____________.
Christ and should be crucified.
Ned Curry went away to Cleveland to get a job in what field?
Before he left, he told Alice

a.goodbye and good luck
b.we will have to stick together
c. come with me
d. get lost
e.I'll send money
b. we will have to stick together
Where is Alice employed after Ned leaves?
at the goods store
Did Alice think of herself as Ned's wife? Y/N?
Did Alice imagine she would become rich? Y/N
What did Alice come to fear?

a.moving to the city
b.meeting people
c.losing her money
d.losing her religion
e.never finding happiness
e.never finding happiness
What kind of adventure does Alice have?

a. a trip to Cleveland
b. takes a lover
c. murders Ned
d. runs around naked
e. commits suicide
d. runs around naked
After her adventure, Alice began to face bravely what fact?
That she will end up alone
Wash Williams, the protagonist of "Respectability," takes a dim view of

The narrator introduces Wash by comparing him to a

In "The Thinker," we discover that the newspaper George worked on had one policy: all the news that's fit to print
b.take stories from the Cleveland Plain-Dealer
c.make up stories
d.mention as many names of village inhabitants as possilbe
e.local news comes first
d.mention as many names of the village inhabitants as possible
The protagonist of "The Thinker," Seth Richmond, and George Willard are competing suitors for whose affection?
Helen White
In "The Strength of God," Reverend Hartman spies on a woman from

a.the street
b.the bell tower
c.his house
d.the library
e.his porch
f.the steeple
b. the bell tower
What first strikes him about the woman is that she is

How does seeing the woman affect Hartman's sermons?
He now has renewed passion and faith.
What physical act of Hartman's is evidence of the "strength of God" working through him, according to Hartman?
punching through the stained glass window
What season is it when Hartman makes his disclosure?
What is the name and occupation of the woman he spies upon?
Kate Swift, teacher
In the following story, we discover that this woman has been undergoing a trial of her own:

a.she fears death
b.she mours a lost love
c.she lusts after a younger man
d.she lusts after Reverend Hartman
e.she feels imprisoned in Winesburg.
c.she lusts after a younger man
Who does she rush out into the cold to see?
George Willard
As Elizabeth Willard nears her death, she gives an account of her life to

a.George Willard
b.Tom Willard
c. Dr. Parcival
d.Seth Richmond
e.Helen White
f.Dr. Reefy
f. Dr. Reefy
As she tells her story, she seems to change. Give a one-sentence discription of the nature of her transformation.
The beauty and youth that used to be hidden inside of her has finally been released.
Who comes to maturity over the course of the collection?
George Willard
What word best describes the nature of desire in Winesburg, Ohio?

Anderson greatly influenced American modernism in demonstrating the importance of

a.philosophy criticism
d.a sense of place
e. celebrity
d. a sense of place
What does Kate Swift have in common with Wing Biddlebaum?
they are both teachers
Reverend Hartman ultimately proclaims the women he spies upon

a. a sinner
b. dead
c. a whore
d. a saint
e. a danger
f. an instrument of God
f. an instrument of God
Enoch Robinson leaves Winesburg at the age of 21 for ________, where he lives for the next 15 years.
New York City
Enoch was a

a. artist
b. lawyer
c. poet
d. journalist
e. insurance salesman
f. doctor
a. artist
Enoch fills his room with _________ for company.

a. gypsies
b. fantasy figures
c. ghosts
d. adopted children
b. fantasy figures
In "An Untold Lie," Hal Winters has a problem. What is it?
(no answer)
Why does Ray set out running to find Hal?
To tell him not to marry Nell
What event triggers George's decision to leave Winesburg?
His mother's death
What does Elizabeth's father offer her to refuse Tom Willard's proposal?
What becomes of the item offered?
She puts it in the wall behind her bed
In "Sophistication," Helen White returns to Winesburg from ___________.
college in Cleveland
What town event does she attend?
the fair
In "Sophistication," George and Helen conceive a great ______________ for one another.

At the end of the story, they have taken hold of the thing that makes possible _______ in the modern world.

a. lover
b. mature life
c. tolerable existence
d. sanity
e. happy life
f. success
b. mature life
As George leaves Winesburg, his mind was carried away by a growing passion for

a. dreams
b. success
c. diligence
d. travel
e. urban life
f. fame
g. observation
a. dreams
When George looks out the train window, he realizes that something has disappeared from view. What is it?