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What request of Miles's shifts the ethical burden for the family dysfunction onto the governess?
to return to school
Who does the governess imagine is too concerned w/ her sense of respectability?
The second time that the governess is unable to enter the church, she sits herself down on a ______.
Describe how the governess thinks the master might react to her loss of control over Bly?
He wouldn't respect her as much anymore b/c she would no longer have the authority she used to have.
Name three places that Miss Jessel appears to the governess?
the school, the stairs, the lake
Describe in detail what Miles did to himself to get expelled from school?
The headmaster learns about the things he has been saying to the people he likes.
What does Mrs. Grose think Miles did to get himself expelled from school?
At the outset, the governess sees the ghosts as her antagonists, by the end she also sees ________ as her antagonists.
the children
In what senses may the governess be said to need the ghosts?
The ghosts basically reinforce the fact that you must have authority in order to be considered respectable.
Describe how the governess misrepresents her schoolroom interview w/ Mrs. Jessel:
she tells Mrs. Grose that Jessel spoke to her.
Who first threatens to summon the master?
Name the home in wich Marcher meets May Bartram:
Who is to deliver the governess's letter to the master?
The governess sees Mrs. Jessel near the bottom of the staircase. What is the significance of that location?
It represents her social status as the governess. She's above the other servants so she's not on the bottom of the stairs. But she's below the master so she's not on the top of the stairs.
What instrument does Miles play for the governess?
On this occasion, Miles is to the governess as David is to_____.
Name the character who is called "naughty" in the story.
The Governess
The governess's respectability is her source of

a. money
b. attractiveness
c. authority
d. talent
e. fear
f. desire
The governess tends to process her emotions by:

a. confessing them openly
b. writing them down
c. suffering in silence
d. projecting them onto others
e. crying
f. violent displays
d. projecting them onto others
Where Mrs. Jessel last appear?
at the Lake
The last appearance of Miss Jessel justifies the governess in taking what course of action?
Contacting the master b/c the situation is beyond her control.
"The Jolly Corner" is in one sense a story about the relation of what two cultures?
American and European
What is Brydon said to wear that his double does not?
a monacle
What does the double in "The Jolly Corner" represent?
It represents what Brydon would have been if he had stayed in New York.
The structure upon which Quint first appears may be read as what sort of symbol?
a phallic symbol
What does Quint's failure to wear a hat in his first appearance to the governess signify?
He is very loose w/ people.
According the narrator, who successfully seduces the governess?
the master
When Miles exclaims, "you devil" at the end of the story, to whom could he be referring?
the governess or quint
Why is it so extraordinary that John Marcher has trouble remembering May Bartram at Weatherend?
she is the only person he told his secret to
At the end of section 6, May Bartram's tomb is likened to a(n)__________.
When Marcher leaves England after May's death, he is said to go to:
a. austrlia
c. Scotland
d. Brighton
e. Asia
f. Paris
g. Germany
e. Asia
When Marcher takes May to the opera, how do they typically finish the evening?
What does May die of?
blood problem
What does Marcher see that triggers his sense that the Beast had finally sprung?
Who or what is the repository of Marcher's "real truth"?
Name Brydon's housekeeper.
Mrs. Muldoon
What is Marcher's first concrete speculation on what his destiny might be?
May purchasing home.
What do Marcher's second and third conjectures on his destiny involve?
her dying
IN the end, how does Marcher think he might have escaped his fate?
He escaped b/c he truly loved May.
From whom does Flora wish to escape?
the governess.