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語 (语)
yu3 - language, words; saying, express
hai3 - sea, ocean; maritime
kou3 - mouth; open end; entrance, gate
a1 - prefix to name; transliteration
xian4 - thread, line, wire; clue
馬 (马)
ma3 - horse; surname; radical no. 187
huang2 - yellow; surname
參 (参)
can1 - take part in, intervene
ban1 - sort, manner, kind, category
ming4 - life; destiny, fate, luck; order
視 (视)
shi4 - look at, inspect, observe, see
觀 (观)
guan1 - see, observe, view; appearance
聯 (联)
lian2 - connect, join; associate, ally
腦 (脑)
nao3 - brain
peng2 - friend, pal, acquaintance
ge2 - pattern, standard, form; style
兒 (儿)
er2 - son, child, oneself; final part
ba1 - eight; all around, all sides
xiu1 - study; repair; cultivate
liao4 - consider, conjecture; materials, ingredients
錢 (钱)
qian2 - money, currency, coins
shi1 - lose; make mistake, neglect
chi1 - eat; drink; suffer, endure, bear
zhu4 - reside, live at, dwell, lodge; stop
ji2 - promptly, quickly, immediately
ling4 - another, separate, other
lu4 - copy, write down, record
專 (专)
zhuan1 - monopolize, take sole possession
xiang4 - elephant; ivory; figure, image
換 (换)
huan4 - change, exchange; substitute
ji1 - foundation, base
ban3 - plank, board; iron or tin plate
na2 - take, hold, grasp; bring; with
遠 (远)
yuan3 - distant, remote, far; profound
su4 - quick, prompt, speedy
xing2 - form, shape, appearance
hai2 - baby, child; children
備 (备)
bei4 - prepare, ready, perfect
ge1 - song, lyrics; sing, chant; praise
幫 (帮)
bang1 - help, assist; defend; shoe upper
確 (确)
que4 - sure, certain; real, true
hou4 - wait; expect; visit; greet
chu2 - eliminate, remove, except
jie4 - boundary, limit; domain; society
裝 (装)
zhuang1 - dress, clothes; decorate; fill
類 (类)
lei4 - class, group, kind, category
講 (讲)
jiang3 - explain; discuss; talk
qi4 - receptacle, vessel; instrument
nan2 - south; southern part; southward
an4 - table, bench; legal case