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pian4 - slice, splinter, strip; rad. 91
xiang4 - toward, direction, trend
ni3 - you (f.)
shi4 - market, fair; city, town; trade
li4 - gains, advantage, profit, merit
興 (兴)
xing1 - thrive, prosper, flourish
bai2 - white; pure, unblemished; bright
qiang2 - strong, powerful, energetic
an1 - peaceful, tranquil, quiet
yang1 - center, conclude, run out; beg
te4 - special, unique, distinguished
議 (议)
yi4 - consult, talk over, discuss
辦 (办)
ban4 - manage, do, handle; deal with
價 (价)
jia4 - price, value
總 (总)
zong3 - collect; overall, altogether
傳 (传)
chuan2 - summon; propagate, transmit
si1 - think, consider, ponder; final particle
hua1 - flower; blossoms
yuan2 - first; dollar; origin; head
jiao4 - cry, shout; hail, greet, call
bao3 - protect, safeguard, defend, care
fen4 - portion, part; duty
qiu2 - seek; demand, request; beseech
jiu4 - examine, investigate
he1 - scold; laughing sound; yawn
jian4 - numerary adjunct for article; matter
wei4 - not yet
決 (决)
jue2 - decide, determine, judge
組 (组)
zu3 - class; section, department
萬 (万)
wan4 - ten thousand; innumerable
zhu2 - bamboo; flute; radical no. 118
級 (级)
ji2 - level, rank, class; grade
chi2 - sustain, support; hold, grasp
xiao4 - smile, laugh, giggle; snicker
tou2 - throw, cast, fling, pitch; jump
na3 - which? where? how?
shi4 - room, home, house, chamber
ceng2 - already; sign of past
zou3 - walk, go on foot; run; leave
wo1 - descriptive of crying or of crow
標 (标)
biao1 - mark, symbol, label, sign; stand
liu2 - flow, circulate, drift; class
zhi1 - disperse, pay; support; branch
獨 (独)
du2 - alone, single, solitary, only
mao1 - cat
qia3 - card, punch card; calorie
xu1 - need, require, must
xiong1 - elder brother
門 (门)
men2 - gate, door, entrance, opening
gong4 - together with, all, total; share