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ming2 - bright, light, brilliant; clear
da3 - strike, hit, beat; fight; attack
tai4 - very, too, much; big; extreme
lu4 - road, path, street; journey
qi3 - rise, stand up; go up; begin
ji3 - self, oneself; personal, private
xiang1 - mutual, reciprocal, each other
zhu3 - master, chief owner; host; lord
關 (关)
guan1 - frontier pass; close; relation
shi2 - ten, tenth; complete; perfect
間 (间)
jian1 - interval, space; place, between
鳳 (凤)
feng4 - male phoenix; symbol of joy
wai4 - out, outside, external; foreign
ni2 - interrogative or emphatic final
覺 (觉)
jue2 - wake up from sleep; be conscious
shi3 - cause, send on a mission, order; envoy, messenger, ambassador
該 (该)
gai1 - should, ought to, need to
you3 - friend, companion; fraternity
cai2 - talent, ability; just, only
進 (进)
jin4 - advance, make progress, enter
huang2 - female phoenix
ta1 - she, her
min2 - people, subjects, citizens
zhu4 - manifest
ge4 - each, individually, every, all
quan2 - maintain, keep whole or intact
將 (将)
jiang1 - will, going to, future; general
shao3 - few, less, inadeqate
兩 (两)
liang3 - two, both, pair, couple; ounce
jia1 - add to, increase, augment
hui2 - return, turn around; a time
gan3 - feel, perceive, emotion
shi4 - style, system, formula, rule
di4 - sequence, number; grade, degree
qiu2 - ball, sphere, globe; round
xing4 - nature, character, sex
lao3 - old, aged; experienced
cheng2 - journey, trip; schedule, agenda
ba3 - hold, take; guard; regard as
bei4 - passive indicator "by"; bedding
gong1 - fair, equitable; public; duke
論 (论)
lun4 - debate; discuss; discourse
ji2 - extend; reach; come up to; and
龍 (龙)
long2 - dragon; symbolic of emperor
xiao4 - school; military field officer
別 (别)
bie2 - separate, other; do not
體 (体)
ti3 - body; group, class, body, unit
zhong4 - heavy, weighty; double
給 (给)
gei3 - give; by, for
聽 (听)
ting1 - hear, listen; understand; obey