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xiang3 -- think, speculate, plan, consider
de2 -- obtain, get, gain, acquire
gong1 -- labor, work; worker, laborer
chu1 -- go out, send out; stand; produce
還 (还)
huan2 -- still, yet, also, besides
電 (电)
dian4 -- electricity, electric; lightning
對 (对)
dui4 -- correct, right; facing, opposed
du1 -- metropolis, capital; all, the whole; elegant, refined
機 (机)
ji1 -- machine; moment, chance
zi4 -- self, private, personal; from
er2 -- and; and then; and yet; but
zi3 -- offspring, child; fruit, seed of
後 (后)
hou4 -- behind, rear, after; descendents
訊 (讯)
xun4 -- inquire; ask; examine; reproach
jia1 -- house, home, residence; family
zhan4 -- stand up; a stand, station
xin1 -- heart; mind, intelligence; soul
qu4 -- go away, leave, depart
zhi1 -- know, perceive, comprehend
國 (国)
guo2 -- nation, country, nation-state
hen3 -- very, quite, much
cheng2 -- completed, finished, fixed
xin4 -- trust, believe; letter
tong2 -- same, similar; together with
he2 -- what, why, where, which, how
zhang1 -- composition; chapter, section
dao4 -- path, road, street; method, way
發 (发)
fa1 -- issue, dispatch, send out, emit
di4 -- earth; soil, ground; region; place; adjunct used to form adverbial phrase
fa3 -- law, rules, regulations, statute
無 (无)
wu2 -- negative, no, not; lack, have no
ran2 -- yes, certainly; pledge, promise
dan4 -- only; but, however, yet, still
當 (当)
dang1 -- bear, accept, undertake; just
yu2 -- in, at, on; interjection alas!
嗎 (吗)
ma -- final interrogative particle
ben3 -- root, origin, source; basis
nian2 -- year; new-years; person's age
現 (现)
xian4 -- appear, manifest, become visible
qian2 -- in front, forward; preceding
zui4 -- most, extremely, exceedingly
zhen1 -- real, actual, true, genuine
xin1 -- new, recent, fresh, modern
he2 -- harmony, peace; peaceful, calm
yin1 -- cause, reason; by; because (of)
guo3 -- fruit; result
yi4 -- thought, idea, opinion; think
ding4 -- decide, settle, fix
點 (点)
dian3 -- dot, speck, spot; point, degree
qing2 -- feeling, sentiment, emotion