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(Ch. 07) act of 1933… 4 typs of exampt transactions
1-reg a <$5mil 2-reg d private 3- rule 147 intrastate 4-rule 144, a, 145
(Ch. 07) hold period for control stock - held by affiliate
(Ch. 07) hold period for restricted stock - held by affiliate
1 year
(Ch. 07) hold period for restricted stock - held by non affiliate
1 year
(Ch. 07) prospectus delivery time requirement - primary offering
confirm of sale
(Ch. 07) prospectus delivery time requirement (extended req) - listed ipo's
25 days
(Ch. 07) prospectus delivery time requirement (extended req) - pink sheet ipo's
90 days
(Ch. 07) prospectus delivery time requirement (extended req) - subsequents
40 days (non nasdaq) listed no requirement
(Ch. 07) what is an accredit investor
>200k income last 2 300k if married or officers, directors of issuer
(Ch. 07) what is reg a
1933 exempt trans if <$5mil in 12 mos
(Ch. 07) what is reg d
1933 exampt trans <35 accred invest unlimited accred sign invest letter hold 1 year
(Ch. 07) what is rule 144a
1933 exempt trans no hold period on unregistred sec sold to institutional investors
(Ch. 07) what is rule 145
requires proxy stmt to inform s/h about merger/acq/reclass
(Ch. 07) what is rule 147
1933 exempt trans -home office in state -80% of bus in state -only residents buy -no out resale 9 mos
(Ch. 07) what is rule 2790
restricted may not buy ipo's must get rep w/i 12 mos of sale
(Ch. 08) 3 nasdaq levels
level 1 - inside quote level 2 - mm quotes level 3 - mm enter
(Ch. 08) name the four securities mkts
1- exchanges 2- otc negotiated 3- otc listed 4-institutiion ecns
(Ch. 08) what are the elect order routing names for nyse and nasdaq
nyse = superdot nasdaq = super montage
(Ch. 08) what is a "aon" order
execute all, held as gtc
(Ch. 08) what is an "ioc" order
execute whats avail now, remaining is canceled
(Ch. 08) what orders are reduced for cash dividends
only those placed below market px
(Ch. 09) confirm deadlines - for custy? for bd to bd?
custy no later than settle date bd to bd no later than t+1
(Ch. 09) custy stmts, how often req'd?
min quarterly monthly for active
(Ch. 09) departments in order routing
"OPMC" -order dept -purch / sls -margin / credit -cashiering
(Ch. 09) settlment dates - regular way for corp and munis
(Ch. 09) settlment dates - regular way for govts
(Ch. 09) settlment dates - regular way for reg t
(Ch. 09) what two things must principal do re order tkts
approve promptly approve changes