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(Ch. 02) for convertivbles… parity for bond
mkt px common stock * conv ratio
(Ch. 02) for convertivbles… parity for common
mkt px bond / conv ratio
(Ch. 02) for convertivbles… whats conv ratio
conv ratio = bond par / conv px
(Ch. 01) calc for current yld and its aka
annual div / mkt px aka dividend yld
(Ch. 01) cumulative vs statutory voting
cumulative = allocate votes any stat = one vote per share for each ballot item
(Ch. 01) dates to remember re divident dist
"DERP" -declaration -ex divident -record -payable
(Ch. 01) excempt securities under act of 1933 exampt issuers under act of 1933
270 days or less usgovt, muni, banks non profits exampt
(Ch. 01) formula for treasury stock
treas stock = issued - o/standing
(Ch. 01) how are reit dividents taxed
taxed as ord income
(Ch. 01) re stock rights… duration?
short term 30 to 45 days
(Ch. 01) re stock rights… exercise px above or below mkt
exer px below mkt at issue
(Ch. 01) re stock rights… how many
one right per share o/s
(Ch. 01) re stock rights… offered to who
offered to existing shareholders
(Ch. 01) re stock warrants… duration?
lont term
(Ch. 01) re stock warrants… exercise px above or below mkt
exer px above mkt at issue
(Ch. 01) re stock warrants… how are they traded
trade as separate security
(Ch. 01) re stock warrants… what offered?
offered as sweeteners
(Ch. 01) what type of entity is a reit not also what pnl is passed through
not ltd partnership not and invest co passes through income, not losses
(Ch. 01) where are reits traded
traded exch or otc
(Ch. 01) 2 percentage req for an entity being a reit
75% income from re dist 90% of income to s/h to avoid taxation as trust
(Ch. 02) 2 things about govt natl mtg assoc
backed by usgovt interest fully taxable
(Ch. 02) at what levels are govt bonds taxed
taxed at fed level exempt from state and local
(Ch. 01) 3 characteristics of treasury stock
1-no vote right 2- no dividents 3- not traded in mkt
(Ch. 02) distinguish btwn fed funds rate and discount rate
fed funds is set by markets discount rate is set by frb
(Ch. 02) distinguish btwn refunding and prefunding
refunding = refinance prefunding = defeased
(Ch. 01) 3 voting rights and 1 thing for which there is no voting right
1- directors 2- issue of converts 3- issue of preferred no voting rights on dividents
(Ch. 02) in corp bonds, what is funded debt
5 yrs or more until maturity
(Ch. 02) ratings (min) for invest grade -s&p -moodys
s&p = BBB moodys = Baa
(Ch. 02) re cmo's - diff btwn planned amort class and targeted amort class
planned -> protect against prepymt and extension risk targeted -> protect against pre only
(Ch. 02) STRIPS vs treasury receipts
STRIPS backed by usgovt tsy receipts not
(Ch. 02) two things to remember re tips
-issued at fixed rate -prin is adj for inflat
(Ch. 02) what is trust indenture
covenants btwn trustee and issuer for benefit of bond holders
Graph for CY, YTM and YTC for Prem, Disc & Par Bonds