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What does the term "service provider" include
family advocacy counselors,Family Service Center(FSC), chaplains, health care personnel, legal assistance attorneys, and other advocates who assist victims and witnesses of crime.
Service providers shall know which of the following information
a. Understand and support the Victim and Witness Assistance Program(VWAP) and know the Victims Bill of Rights.
b. Inform crime victims and witnesses about VWAP when they present for counseling, treatment or advice.
c. Inform victims of spousal or intrafamilial abuse that they may be eligible for Federal Statutory benefits for dependents who are victims of abuse by members losing the right to retired pay (they will be referred to the Naval Legal Service Office.)
d. Inform victims of crime about state crime compensation funds,which reimburse victims for certain expenses incurred as a result of crime.
e. Know the points of contact involved in VWAP at their duty stations
All the Above
Their are many requirements for Crime compensation funds. Like victim must report the crime promptly to law enforcement officials within 24 hours
True or False
False, 72 hours
Does the victim have to be innocent of all criminal activity to receive the crime compensation fund
What contact numbers should Service providers know
base police, NCIS, MAA, NLSO, SJA, FSC, Family Advocacy Program, Medical clinics or hospitals, and Chaplains, for victim and witness assistance issues.