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Committee of Correspondence
-local committee who was in charge of community and communicating with other colonies
-for Boston, head by Samuel Adams
-they help spread ideas throughout the colonies, including the back country
Tea Act
-drank tea that was smuggled from other countries
-1773 the British East India Company was bankrupt
-England eliminated taxes from India to help fight the debt
Boston Tea Party
-Bartmyth (ship carrying tea)
-December 16, Boston radicals met under Samuel Adams
-70 men dressed as Indians dumped tea into harbor
Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts)
-Port Bill: closed port of Boston, England sent Army to block
-Government Act
-Quartering Act
-Justice Act
-Quebec Act
-England passes Acts in response to Boston Tea Party
Contenental Congress
-Most colonies had representatives
-England did not approve of the colonies forming thier own governments
-55 delegates, most with different ideas gathered but most supported the radicals and not the loyalists
General Thomas Gage
-He replaced the Hutchinsons
-Believed in rule by elite
-Rejected the idea of everyone voting
-He shut down teh Massechuesetts Legilature, however they then formed a committee of safety and set up militia
-militia, volunteers
-armed and alert