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Definition of Systemic Inflamatory Response Syndrome (SIRS)
body response due to infectious or noninfectious insult
Four criteria for SIRS
1) T >38 or <36
2) pulse >90/min
3) respiratory rate >20 /min or pCO2 <32
4) WBC <4 K/microL or >12 K/microL or >10%bands
Definition of Sepsis
SIRS with documented infection
Definition of Severe Sepsis
sepsis associated with acute organ dysfunction
Definition of Sepsis Shock
sepsis-induced hypotesion despite fluid resuscitation and evidence of hypoperfusion abnormalities
Sepsis Risk Factors
-elderly patient
-increasing life-sustaining technology
-increasing invasive producures and devices
-increasing immunocompromised patients
-antibiotic resistance