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자, 모두 자리에 앉을까요?
All right, shall we all be seated?
누가 아직 안 왔어요?
Who hasn't arrived yet?
다나카 씨가 아직 안 왔어요?
Tanaka hasn't arrived yet.
앙리 씨는 왔어요?
Is Henru here?
저 지금 왔어요, 선생님. 늦어서 죄송합니다.
I just arrived teacher. Sorry I'm late.
앙리 씨는 어제 왜 결석했어요?
Henri, why were you absent yesterday?
감기 때문에 못 왔습니다.
I couldn't come because I had a cold.
오늘은 좀 괜찮아요?
Are you a little better today?
네, 많이 좋아졌어요. 고맙습나다/
Yes, I'm much better. Thank you.
다음부터 좀 더 일찍 오세요. 그리고 감기 조심하세요.
Please come a little earlier next time. And be careful not to catch a cold.
because of N
absence (to be absent)
all right
to be sorry (honorific)
to be all right
to become A
to be careful of/watch out for N
to stand
late (to be late) (verb form)
last year
this year
친구 때믄에 늦었어요.
I was late because of my friend.
공부 때문에 산에 가지 않았어요.
I didn't go to the mountains because of my studies.
감기 때문에 여행을 못 갔어요.
I couldn't go on a trip because of a cold.
무슨 일 때문에 안 왔어요?
Why didn't you come?
집 에서 쉬니까 기분이 좋아해졌어요.
I am feeling much better because I rested at home.
서울은 교통이 매우 복잡해졌어요.
The traffic in Seoul has become very heavy.
날씨가 많이 따뜻해졌지요.
The weather has become much warmer, hasn't it?
자기 자리로 가세요.
Please return to your seat.
내 옆 자리에 월슨 씨가 있어요.
Wilson is in the seat next to mine.
이 식당에는 자리가 없어요.
There are no tables available in this restaurant.
칠수 씨가 내 옆에 앉았어요.
Chulsoo sat next to me.
이 의자에 앉으세요.
Please sit next to me.
내 앞에 서세요.
Please stand in front of me.
늦어서 죄송합니디.
I am sorry for being late.
어제 못 가서 죄송합니다.
I am sorry for not going there yesterday.
오늘 지각해서 죄송합니다.
I am sorry for being late today.
죄송하지만, 못 가갰습니다.
I am sorry, but I won;t be able to go.
지금도 아프새요? 아니요, 지금은 괜찮습니다.
Are you still sick? No, I am all right now.
늦어서 미안해요. 괜찮아요.
I am sorry for being late. That's all right.
이 옷이 괜찮습니까? 네, 좋아요.
Is this dress all right? Yes, it's fine.
다음부터 일찍 오세요.
Please come earlier next time.
죄송합니다. 다음부터는 늦지 않겠습니다.
I am sorry. I won't be late next time.
감기가 유행이니까 조심해야 해요.
You must be careful. There is a cold going around.
차를 조심하세요.
Watch out for cars.