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Basal spinal cord
Alar spinal cord
Basal brainstem
Alar brainstem
Where do autonomic neurons develop?
Sulcus limitans
What are the 3 types of motor columns in the brainstem?
1. GSE - general somatic
2. GVE - general visceral
3. SVE - special visceral
What does the general somatic efferent column contain?
CN 3, 4, 6, 12
What does the GVE column contain?
Parasympathetic components of CNs 3, 7, 9, 10
What does the SVE column contain?
Innervation to branchial arch derivitives
What cranial nerves innervate branchial arch derived muscles?
5, 7, 9, 10, 11
What are the four SENSORY columns in the brainstem?
1. Special visceral SVA
2. General visceral GVA
3. General somatic GSA
4. Special somatic SSA
What info is carried by SVA columns?
Taste (gustation)
What CNs are SVA?
7 9 10
What info is carried in GVA columns?
Info from internal organs
What cranial nerves have GVA components?
9 and 10
What info is contained in GSA columns?
General touch, temp and pain.
What CNs have GSA components?
5, 7, 9, and 10
What info is carried in SSA columns?
Some hearing and vestibular, a little vision.
What cranial nerve has SSA?
Where are the fibers for GENERAL columns?
In the Spinal cord AND brainstem
Where are the fibers for SPECIAL columns?
ONLY in the brainstem
Where does sensory information enter the spinal cord?
From the dorsal root ganglion into lissauer's tract
What is Lissauer's tract?
A tract where pain afferents can run up or down a level or two
Where does sensory info go after lissauer's tract?
To Substantia gelatinosa and Rexed laminae 1/2/3 in the posterior horn
Where does sensory info ascend in the spinal cord?
-Dorsal columns
-Anterolateral Spinothalamic tract
How do autonomic afferents (GVAs) get into the spinal cord?
Just like GSA's - thru the DRG
Where do autonomic afferents ascend in the spinal cord?
In the interomediolateral columns
Are there any special visceral or special somatic afferents in the dorsal spinal cord? Why or why not?
No - because these are only in the brainstem.
What is the Trigeminal system?
The dorsal root ganglion for the trigeminal nerve system.
What are the 3 components of the trigemenal system?
-Semilunar ganglion
-Mesencephalic nucleus
-Spinal tract and nucleus
What is the Semilunar ganglion?
The trigeminal ganglion; the DRG for the trigeminal system.
What is the Mesencephalic nucleus?
A misplaced DRG that recieves sensory input for the jaw jerk reflex.
What is the Spinal tract and spinal nucleus of V a correlate of?
Lissauer's tract and Substantia gelatinosa in the normal spinal cord.
Where does the Spinal tract and nucleus run in the spinal cord?
From the pons to C2
What info is carried within the Spinal tract of V?
General somatic afferent
Where does the 2nd neuron go after synapse in the Spinal nucleus of V?
To the anterolateral tract to ascend to the VPM - pain/temp.
Where does info pertaining to touch and proprioception go?
To the Chief Nucleus of V
Where does the 2nd neuron go after synapse with the Chief nucleus of V?
To the dorsal columns.
Where do the dorsal and ventral Trigeminothalamic tracts ascend to?
The VPM in the thalamus.
Where does the trigeminal 3rd neuron go from the VPM in thal?
To somatosensory cortex.
What type of info does the Nucleus solitarius recieve?
-General visc afferents from internal organs
-Special visc afferents from the tongue - taste
Where does taste input go in the NTS?
Where do the organ general visceral affernts go?
What cranial nerves carry taste to the NTS, via what exact ganglia?
CN VII - via Geniculate
Cn IX - via Petrosal
CN X - via nodose
What cranial nerves carry general visc afferents from internal organs to the NTS?
IX and X
After synapsing in the nucleus solitarius, where does the sensory input go?
To the VPM, then to the
-Insula (taste)
-Somatosensory cortex
What type of info does the Vestibulocochlear nucleus recieve?
Special somatic afferent
What is the DRG for the Vestibular apparatus?
Vestibular ganglion
What is the DRG for the Cochlea?
The spiral ganglion
Where do the Vestibular ganglion and spiral ganglion project?
To the vestibular nuclei
Where do the vestibulospinal tracts project?
-Up the MLF to the Abducens nucleus
-Down the spinal cord to control posture and balance.
If you had problems with balance where would you look in the brainstem?
In the lateral brainstem
Because the lateral vestibulospinal tract carries vestibular output controlling balance at all spinal levels.