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What is a sensillae?
Structure that recives stimuli.
What is stimulus reaction?
Stimulus->nerve impulse->CNS interpretation->reaction
what are 2 types of receptors and what do they do and how are they triggered?
1)mechanoreceptors-detect change in setae (hair)recepton(extention in cuticle), stress on cuticle, solid,liquid or gas can trigger.
2)chemoreceptor-recives various molecules. A depolarization of cell membrane triggers a nerve impulse.
What is cross pattern firing?
Ability to perceive many chemicals with only a few recepters.
Heat/vision/magnetic detection is annalogous to.
Recepter/nerve cells are modified what?
epithelial cells
What are the 2 cell types for nerves?
What are the 4 trichogen sensilla?
1.sensilla trichodea(hair)
2. " Chaetica(bristle)
3. " Squomaformica(scale
4. " Basilonica(peg/cone
What are the 2 tormagen sensilla?
1.Sensilla coeloconic(shallow pits)
2. " ampulacea (deep pits)
What is campaniform sensilla?
Shallow pits with dome(no hairs/cones etc)
What are placoid sensilla?
Shallow pits with flat plate (no hairs/cones etc)
What is a proprioreceptor?
a chordotonal organ or Johnstons organ, which is a 2nd antenomere(deflected backwards for windspeed direction)
Where is the subjenual organ found (suspected) and what does it detect?
Found in tibia (suspected) and detects leg stress.
What are tympanal organs annalogous with in humans?
Ear drums
Thermoreception is most important to which type of insects in conjunction with lactic acid/why?
Bloodfeeders. They seek out C02 and lactic acid to find a "meal".
Infrared radiation is converted to heat how?
Radiation distorts thin cuticle->mechanoreceptors/companiform sensillae detect distortion
Compound eyes are composed of?
ommitidea (up to 30k in each compound eye)
Apposistion is synoynomous with?
daytime active (diurnal)
how do fast flying insects see?
flicker vision
Superposition refers to
nocturnal (corpuscular) vision
What is the mosaic theory?
Muller said it was like looking through a handfull of soda straws.
What are ocelli?
Extra simple eyes for light intensity, also referred to as pineal eyes.
What insects are stemmata(basic light receptors) found in?
holometabolous insect larvae
Photoreception is limited only to the head? T/F
False, found in various areas of body.
How does magnetoreception work?
A small iron deposit with in the insect.
Aquaspirrilum and magnetatbactium are also known as?
Swimming magnet
Do mayflies have a need to feed as an adult?
1.What does anantogenous mean?
1.must feed to reproduce need to suck blood to reproduce.